Between 2019-2021 TEAMS was our passion project. As the 3 friends that built it, we ‘bootstrapped’ and ran it all off our own back. At the end of 2021 we raised some outside investment which allowed us, in 2022, to grow, add loads more features and expand to 6 games.

However, this year, we're in a position where we need to figure out other ways to support TEAMS. We don’t want to stop here - we want to support more games and more communities, add more features and connect more of you together - all while keeping it free!

Ads on TEAMS

So, we've decided to start testing and experimenting with advertising on the platform. Initially, with banner ads, then exploring video ads to compliment our own video content and, in the future, we’ll look to work with brands more closely to support your journey of finding teammates.

TEAMS is ‘our baby’ - we care a lot about your experience and that it doesn’t get broken by ads. We want the ads we display to be relevant and not deceptive. We're working hard to make sure that we show you good ads in an unobtrusive way. (It may take some time after we’ve added them for the ad networks to do their thing. Bear with us!)

If you see any ads that seem crappy or deceiving, please let us know (Ideally - by copying the Link Address). We'll do our best to get rid of them!


If you’re running AdBlock, please consider turning it off on TEAMS. It will go a long way to helping us add more features and helping more people connect with each other in every multiplayer game. That’s the dream.


Thank you for your support over the last few years. It's been incredible to see how many people have found life-long friends and teammates. We promise to keep working hard to improve TEAMS and add more features to make it even better.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, we're all ears. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

The TEAMS Team