How much RP does it cost to play?

In each rank tier a match costs RP to enter, except for rookie and bronze. Here is an overview of how that looks:

As you move up within each tier to a new division (for example Gold 2 to Gold 1) the entry cost will increase.

What is the Rookie tier?

The rookie tier was designed as a one time tier for players that are new to the game to learn a bit about the Ranked Battle Royale first. It doesn't have any rewards tied to it, and good news you can't get demoted into it with new seasons or splits!

How do i earn or lose ranked points?

You earn Ranked Points (RP) after each match for ranked placements and total kills. This also includes if your teammate get a kill and you didn't assist in, which will earn you 50% of the RP. Unfortunately for me, that doesn't count when your dead.

You don't get RP for heals or revives - only assists and kills. There isn't a cap on how many kills earn you RP, but after each kill you earn increasingly less.

What is KP in apex legends?

KP in Apex Legends is the general term for kill and assist multiplier, called Kill Points. Depending on where you place in your match, plus how many kills your earn, will impact how much RP you get.  See this table below:

RP per placement, kills and assist

Scoring can change per season, so be sure to keep an eye out on the Apex Legends News section.

What does Max KP mean in apex?

In Apex Legends you can earn up to a maximum of 6 KP (Kill Points) in a single ranked match. Note that it also doesn't matter whether you're getting kills or assists, 6 KP is the cap and you cannot exceed it.

Why did i end a match with less Ranked Points than i started?

As described before because of the cost of entry in a match, you could end up with less points than you previously started with.

So can I lose RP in Apex!?

The short answer is yes, you can drop to another division or tier in Ranked Battle Royale. However, when you just entered a new tier, you'll be immune from demotion for three games, this is what is referred to as demotion protection. After you demotion protection, you drop below the tier threshold, this will trigger a demotion penalty and you will get bumped halfway down the previous division.

For example, if I was in Diamond IV and then were to be demoted, i would move down to 50% of the Platinum 1 division.

How do i find teammates in Apex Legends?

You sign up to this cool apex lfg website called and let the algorithm find y0u good teammates based on your profile. Once setup, instantly discover your matches and connect with other like-minded players.