When it comes to Apex Legends, the legends you choose to play as can make all the difference in your chances of victory. That's why many players turn to expert opinions, such as those of popular Apex Legends YouTubers, to determine which Legends are the strongest.

In this article, we will be comparing the tier lists of two prominent Apex Legends YouTubers, "Ottr" and "The Gaming Merchant" (abbreviated as "TGM"). While both YouTubers' tier lists share some similarities, there are also some notable differences in their rankings of certain Legends.

One key reason why "Ottr" places Wraith in the S-tier is her exceptional mobility. Wraith's tactical ability, "Into the Void", (finger sniffing ability 🤣) allows her to quickly move through the map, making her a difficult target to hit. Additionally, her ultimate ability, "Dimensional Rift", allows her and her teammates to easily traverse long distances or escape from a dangerous situation.

Meanwhile, "TGM" places Loba and Pathfinder in the S-tier for their exceptional mobility and utility. Loba's tactical ability, "Burglar's Best Friend", allows her to teleport to hard-to-reach areas and retrieve loot, making her an ideal pick for looting quickly. Additionally, her ultimate ability, "Black Market Boutique", allows her and her teammates to easily access high-quality loot, next to that she is also a support legend allowing you to craft teammates banner.

Pathfinder, on the other hand, has a unique combination of mobility and utility that makes him a top pick for "TGM". His tactical ability, "Grappling Hook", allows him to quickly traverse the map and reach hard-to-reach areas, while his ultimate ability, "Zipline Gun", allows him and his teammates to quickly move across the map and avoid enemy fire.

Overall, both "Ottr" and "TGM" have their own unique perspectives on the strengths and weaknesses of each Apex Legends character. By considering the reasons behind their tier list rankings, players can gain valuable insights into how to choose their Legends and maximize their chances of winning.

Ottr's Apex Legends Tier List

S Wraith
A Mad Maggie Valkyrie Cuastic Wattson
B Catalyst Loba Bangalore New Castle Seer
B Crypto Horizon fuse rampart Bloodhound Pathfinder Gibraltar
D Lifeline Mirage Vantage
F Revenant Octane ash

Click on one of the images on the table to see a summarized version of why Ottr has placed a certain legend in each tier.  Otherwise watch the full video here and give them some love💜:

The Gaming Merchant Apex Legends Tier List

S Pathfinder Loba
A+ Seer Valkyrie Wraith Lifeline
A Mad Maggie Horizon Gibraltar New Castle Bloodhound Crypto Octane Bangalore
B Mirage Wattson Caustic Catalyst Rampart
C Ash fuse Vantage
D Revenant

Click on one of the images on the table to see a summarized version of why TGM has placed a certain legend in each tier.  Otherwise watch the full video here and give them some love💜:

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Ottr Wraith (S-Tier)

  • Her passive ability is useless.
  • Her tactical ability "Into the Void" with the finger sniffing animation is amazing for playing far forward and on flanks that no other Legend could dream of.
  • She has a tiny hitbox that is difficult to hit.
  • The buff to her portal now allows her to rotate up to 150 meters, making her incredibly valuable in the mid and late games.
  • She can safely get her team to the other side of the ring with one portal.

Ottr Wattson (A-Tier)

  • Watson is a defensive legend with versatility in defensive playstyles.
  • Her passive allows her to carry two ultimate accelerants per inventory slot and passively heals her own Shield.
  • Her tactical fences can be used defensively to claim buildings or entire areas.
  • Her ultimate, defensive pylon, eats incoming ordinances, provides cover, and heals shields.
  • Having Watson on your team allows you to visually claim space and keep your team sustained.
  • Watson can also provide early zone information and help with early rotations.

Ottr Caustic (A-Tier)

  • Caustic is a controversial legend but is valuable for holding a position and pushing enemy teams.
  • His gas trap creates cover space and allows him and his teammates to stay alive for an indefinite amount of time.
  • Gas traps can be launched defensively to block doors and claim areas, or aggressively into enemy teams like grenades.
  • His ultimate gas grenade can be used defensively to keep his team alive for longer or aggressively to gas out enemy entrenched teams.
  • Caustic benefits most from being used indoors, as he can control sight lines and reduce the risk of his traps being shot out.
  • The gas and threat from the gas grenade make Caustic one of the last legends any team wants to push, making him efficient for staving off third parties.

Ottr Valkyrie (A-Tier)

  • Valkyrie is a valuable rotation legend in the game.
  • Her passive allows finding enemies when skydiving and provides extra mobility.
  • Her tactical missiles break doors, harass teams, and poke enemies out from behind cover.
  • Her ultimate, Skyward Dive, launches Valkyrie and her teammates straight up, allowing faster rotation and serves as a great escape mechanism.
  • Valkyrie is a valuable asset on her own and should be included in every team composition this season.

Ottr Mad Maggie (A-Tier)

  • Mad Maggie can be useful as a harasser in zone fights or on the edge to run teams down
  • Her passive gives a wall hack on enemies dealt damage to and a speed boost, especially useful in shotgun battles
  • Her drill can be used to gather information through walls and to bully Watson pylons
  • The wrecking ball can be thrown into teams to stun and break objects in front of her
  • She can be in the A-tier when used correctly, especially against passive teams.

Ottr Seer (B-Tier)

  • Seer received a hefty nerf this season
  • His passive now only activates when aiming at an enemy and they leave a heartbeat
  • His tactical no longer gives an outline of an enemy when scanned
  • His ultimate has less uptime with longer cooldown and shorter duration
  • Seer can still be strong if used effectively despite the nerfs
  • It's important not to use Seer's tactical to initiate a fight, but to use it when significant damage has been done to cancel heals, revives, or batteries
  • Due to his difficulty to use and lack of use in public matches, Seer is placed in the "beat here" tier.

Ottr Newcastle (B-Tier)

  • Newcastle serves a similar role as Gibraltar, but with more versatility
  • His passive allows him to revive teammates while still moving and provides a knockdown shield
  • His tactical is a 400 HP shield that can move on command
  • His ultimate is a large castle wall with an insane amount of health that can be used to instantly take high ground or jump to teammates over 50 meters away
  • The castle wall can create cover in open maps and in later stages of the game where there is no cover
  • Newcastle is great at defending teammates and keeping them safe, and can also flank enemies and jump back to his own team if in trouble

Ottr Bangalore (B-Tier)

  • Bangalore has a strong duelist passive giving her movement speed when taking fire
  • Her tactical is the smoke canister which allows her to create smoke walls to rotate, create temporary cover, or use with other legends to kill enemies as they're blinded
  • Her ultimate, barrage, provides even more space and can hold off entire teams from pushing or be used to take a position
  • She is good at manipulating space and has a strong dueling ability
  • Decreased amount of scans this season make her smoke even more powerful
  • Smoke is also effective against controller players as they get less value from their aim assist.

Ottr Loba (B-Tier)

  • Loba's passive allows her to see epic and legendary loot through walls up to 112 meters away.
  • Her tactical allows her to teleport to hard to reach places and escape trouble.
  • Her ultimate, the black market boutique, allows her to teleport nearby loot straight into her or her teammates' inventory.
  • Loba is a great counter to the bunker meta and can be played when looking for fights, but mostly shines with holding a position very deep in the zone.
  • As a support legend in the new system, Loba can also pick up crafted banners using her black market.

Ottr Catalyst (B-Tier)

  • She is a controller legend who has become unexpectedly viable in the new meta.
  • She has versatility and can be set up as either a Zone Legend or an aggressive Edge Legend.
  • Her passive allows her to reinforce doors and her Tactical allows her to place fluid spikes to block off areas.
  • Her ultimate is a massive wall called the Dark Veil which can create space out of thin air.
  • She is a jack of all trades but not necessarily a master of any.
  • Other legends may be better at holding positions or providing more utility.
  • Catalyst has potential in fights but requires a lot of game sense to play effectively.

Ottr Gibraltar (C-Tier)

  • Gibraltar used to be a must-pick Legend due to his strong duelist kit and tanky supportive role
  • He fell out of relevance with the rise of other Legends such as Horizon and Seer countering his bubble
  • the Buff to shotguns could make him more viable
  • He is still not as viable as other tanky support Legends that are more versatile and better at their jobs
  • Despite his twists on the tanky supportive role, Gibraltar's kit is not as valuable in the current meta

Ottr Pathfinder (C-Tier)

  • His passive was buffed, allowing him to scan care packages through his skirmisher ability to refund his zipline and reduce cooldown up to 4 times a game
  • His grapple is significant but his ultimate isn't the most useful
  • Zipline has been buffed with a longer range and faster speed, but nerfed with longer minimum distance and slower exit speed
  • Popular in Predator lobbies and a content machine but struggles in rough lobbies and dueling with his large hitbox.

Ottr Bloodhound (C-Tier)

  • Bloodhound received a rework that changed his playstyle to a tracking-based one.
  • His passive spawns a white Raven when enemies aren't nearby, and if interacted with, it will start flying in the direction of the nearest enemy team.
  • His Tactical saw a nerf, reducing the full body scan to one second and reducing the wall hack uptime.
  • Using his ultimate no longer speeds up the cooldown rate of their tactical, and instead spawns a white Raven that flies to the nearest enemy.
  • Finishing an enemy triggers a white Raven, allowing you to keep tracking the enemy team.
  • The tracking playstyle isn't as valuable as the scanning power that was lost, and Bloodhound is rated no higher than C tier.

Ottr Rampart (C-Tier)

  • Rampart has a passive that increases LMG magazine size and decreases reload time
  • Her tactical ability, Amped Cover, places one-way barriers that block incoming shots and boost outgoing damage
  • Her ultimate ability is either a handheld weapon or a minigun that can be placed and used by anyone
  • Rampart is strongest when paired with other bunker Legends like Gibraltar, Wattson, or Caustic
  • However, since she is also a controller Legend, it's not necessary to run her with other Zone scanning Legends.

Ottr Fuse (C-Tier)

  • Fuse's tactical ability, Knuckle Cluster, can deny enemy angles and space for 6 seconds per cluster and expose them to teammates.
  • His passive allows him to throw grenades faster, farther, and stack more of them in his inventory, making him useful against passive bunkering teams.
  • Fuse's assault legend status helps him stack more ordinances and ammo.
  • However, he only works against a specific playstyle, and his usefulness is difficult to pull off, keeping him in the C tier.

Ottr Horizon (C-Tier)

  • Horizon's kit includes a passive for gliding and removing false stun, a tactical for gravity lift, and an ultimate for a black hole
  • In this season, both her tactical and ultimate abilities received a significant nerf, which makes her previous playstyle ineffective
  • Her tactical now has an increased weapon spread, and her ultimate no longer sucks enemies through bubbles or around line of sights, making it harder to get value
  • Horizon can still be useful in other ways, but she cannot be ranked any higher than the c tier

Ottr Crypto (C-Tier)

  • He was previously useful for early rotation and providing information with his drone
  • His value decreased with the rise of Watson
  • He can no longer scan the beacon for ring information as a Recon Legend
  • Scanning the ring will give information about enemy whereabouts
  • He can still be useful as an edge Legend for controlling the zone and chasing isolated fights
  • His EMP can be useful in team fights, but not exceptional
  • This playstyle can be viable but challenging to execute properly.

Ottr Lifeline (D-Tier)

  • Lifeline was stuck in power creep limbo and her kit is outdated.
  • Her passive allows her to revive both teammates at once without getting stuck in animation, but it is niche.
  • Her tactical is a small drone that solo heals health and her ultimate gives better loot with a 3.5 minute cooldown.
  • Her ultimate dropping instantly and not being slowed for as much when reviving is a nice QOL change.
  • She lacks real value when everyone is alive to win fights, and her kit doesn't offer much team play utility.
  • She's losing out hard on power creep.

Ottr Mirage (D-Tier)

  • Mirage's passive is one-dimensional and easy to outplay
  • His three seconds of stealth after a revive adds a bit of value but not enough to impact his tier much
  • His tactical could be used to fool the enemy but most players have learned how to deal with it
  • His ultimate has outplay potential but overall he falls short in team play utility
  • Mirage is a duelist and provides very little team play utility
  • The buffs have pushed him in the right direction, but he is still considered one of the least useful duelist Legends in the game.

Ottr Vantage (D-Tier)

  • Her passive allows her to gain information on enemies and their teams, including their armor.
  • Her tactical is useful for maneuvering verticality.
  • Her ultimate is a sniper rifle that deals a lot of damage on the second shot and adds a damage buff against hit enemies.
  • Her hitbox is almost as big as Caustic's, making her struggle in one-to-one fights.
  • She is clunky to play in general.
  • The sniper is decent, but leaves a visible laser trail that gives away her position.
  • She doesn't provide much useful utility to her team other than her passive.
  • As a Recon Legend, she can scan the server Beacon to know the whereabouts of all enemies on the map.
  • Her kit leans more towards holding a position than chasing kills on the edge.

Ottr Ash (F-Tier)

  • Ash doesn't see much use on maps such as World's Edge but can be used for rotations on Broken Moon and Stone Point.
  • Her passive is useful to find enemies with whom she can fight or set up ambushes as it marks death boxes on the map to show where enemies have been fighting within the last few minutes.
  • Her tactical isn't as good but gives a little bit of poke without wasting resources as well as having some niche uses as she can snare an enemy and stop them from running away.
  • Her ultimate (Phase Breach) can go up to 62.5 meters away in any direction and gives her the explosiveness for her and her own team that Octane and Pathfinder could only dream of.
  • She can be valuable on Broken Moon or Storm Point, and she has seen play on other maps, but she doesn't shine as well on World's Edge as Wraith does.
  • The buff to Wraith makes Ash's portal obsolete in comparison, even though the portal helps get into a position much easier, the portal is just too short.

Ottr Octane (F-Tier)

  • Octane has explosive gameplay, a useful passive and tactical, and a good ultimate with his jump pad.
  • However, the jump pad sends you in a very predictable direction that's easy to beam.
  • You can't accurately shoot back from it either, making you an easy target for whomever you're jump padding to or away from.
  • Octane has very little mid to end game potential, and he fails to make a case to place any higher than in the F tier.
  • He gets a few bonus points for the verticality from his kit but is not really that good.
  • Octane is a skirmish Legend, meaning he can see what's in the care package, but his passive isn't really that useful for him.
  • He is especially bad in a slow meta because a lot of teams being set up means they're ready to deal with the Octane coming in, turning him into an easy kill.

I think LemonHead would disagree 😅

Ottr Revenant (F-Tier)

  • His passive abilities are pretty useless as he is still a big and easy-to-hit robot.
  • His climbing and sneaking abilities don't change that fact.
  • His tactical ability (silence) is decent but doesn't do much proactively.
  • His ultimate is kind of useless after its nerf with the loud sound effect and visual effect warning everyone that it's deployed.
  • Revenant relies on other movement Legends to actually have the utility to get his desired effect.
  • He needs to be synergized with other Legends just to be of any value.
  • His assault class passive doesn't add much to his kit other than a little bit more loot.
  • He can climb to a lot of places on maps and zip rails do allow you to make a fun place with the death totem.
  • With the changes to the other Legends, we might see more of an early rotate into the passive or defensive meta in which Revenant can shine.

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TGM Loba (S-Tier)

  • Loba is a support class Legend and the best one out of all support Legends
  • Loba's kit allows for escaping situations and reviving teammates even if their Banner has timed out
  • Her ultimate can be used to get teammates back up after they respawn
  • Loba may not do much in the middle of a fight but is resourceful for the team
  • The combination of the support perk and her ultimate can save RP losses and result in high placement games

TGM Pathfinder (S-Tier)

  • His new zipline is very strong and long.
  • The cooldown is short and can be reset by looking at a care package.
  • His passive is tied to the Skirmisher perk.
  • His grapple has always been a great tool for escapes and repositioning.
  • He can hold his own on a personal level.
  • His ultimate is great for the team, whether for quick repositioning, pushing a fight, or escaping.

TGM Lifeline (A+ Tier)

  • Lifeline is in the plus tier
  • She is a powerful team Legend with her support abilities
  • Lifeline can revive players without getting the slow penalty
  • Her ultimate has constantly been buffed over time and her tactical can heal the whole team
  • All these small changes over time for Lifeline make her a valuable Legend.

TGM Wraith (A+ Tier)

  • Wraith is next on the list.
  • Wraith's portal was a popular tool for team repositioning before Valkyrie's ultimate came out.
  • However, Wraith's portal received several nerfs and fell out of favor in high-level play.
  • With the new portal update, Wraith's portal is now more viable and has great potential for team repositioning.

TGM Valkyrie (A+ Tier)

  • Valkyrie is still a valuable legend despite Wraith and Pathfinder receiving buffs this season.
  • Valk's ultimate is an excellent repositioning tool that can't be beat by the new portal or zipline buffs.
  • Valk has great personal survivability due to her jetpack, which can help her stay alive longer and be useful in team fights.

TGM Seer (A+ Tier)

  • Seer is in the plus tier.
  • His ultimate is still powerful and great for initiating fights.
  • Seer's tactical and passive were nerfed, but the mini-map scan still works well.
  • He still provides 24/7 wall hacks, better than any other legend's scan ability.
  • Seer used to be an easy pick for anyone, but now requires skill and communication to use effectively.

TGM Bangalore (A-Tier)

  • Bangalore benefits from the new Assault perk allowing her to get Digi threats more reliably
  • Her smoke can be a useful tool if used correctly
  • Her ultimate can stop enemy pushes or create opportunities for team repositioning
  • She has always been underrated in competitive play but the Assault perk fits her well.

TGM Octane (A-Tier)

  • Octane is a good teammate to have if they're skilled at tap-strafing and playing fast-paced
  • Octane's jump pad is useful for repositioning and better than some other legends' abilities
  • Jump pad can be destroyed, which is helpful in certain situations
  • Not as good as Pathfinder's grapple or Valkyrie's ultimate, but still a decent option.

TGM Crypto (A-Tier)

  • Crypto is in a decent state.
  • His drone provides constant live scan info as long as it has a line of sight of players.
  • The drone requires more player control to get scans off, but it's more reliable at conveying scanned player information to the team.
  • Crypto's ultimate is not super powerful, but it can be enough to start off a fight, making it a great alternative to both Seer and Bloodhound's non-damage-based ultimate's.

TGM Bloodhound (A-Tier)

  • Recon pack is effective for finding safe rotations or third party opportunities
  • Scan abilities are always powerful in Apex
  • Bloodhound is the first Recon Legend discussed
  • Bloodhound's ultimate got nerfed but still provides useful information
  • Need to scan when seeing the white Raven during ultimate
  • Scan cooldown resets each time you get a knockdown

TGM Newcastle (A-Tier)

  • Newcastle requires a lot of skill to be good with.
  • The Tactical requires constant micromanagement to get the most out of it.
  • Newcastle's revive is super strong.
  • His ultimate can also be very effective in many different circumstances.

TGM Gibraltar (A-Tier)

  • Support class is the best in the game, especially for ranked
  • Gibby is a decent choice with a highly impactful tactical ability
  • His dome shield is undestructable and allows for clutch revives and blocking line of sight
  • The supply bins above contain high-tier meds, important for ranked
  • Shotgun meta of the season goes well with Gibby's abilities

TGM Horizon (A-Tier)

  • Horizon's gravity lift is not as useful as before due to players being vulnerable while using it.
  • Her ultimate is still helpful in starting fights and cleaning up kills.

TGM Mad Maggie (A-Tier)

  • Shotgun buff benefits Maggie's faster movement with shotguns.
  • Maggie's passive and abilities provide two things for the team: repositioning opportunity and pressure on teams.
  • Tactical can create openings, but situational.
  • Maggie has great combat potential thanks to her passive and ultimate speed boost.
  • Requires a high skill level to use effectively.

TGM Rampart (B-Tier)

  • Rampart is a good legend for setting up late game and has combat potential.
  • She can secure wins and her abilities are versatile.
  • Her play style doesn't fit the current rank meta.
  • Support or movement based legends are better in ranked.
  • Rampart's passive is not useful due to the state of LMGs in the game.

TGM Catalyst (B-Tier)

  • Catalyst has a unique play style with potential in her ultimate for clutch res, repositioning, or pushing on enemies
  • With a small buff, she could become an A-tier legend, but for now, the rest of her kit is underwhelming
  • Catalyst is good for winning fights inside buildings and is great for public matches because of the Fragment streamer building

TGM Caustic (B-Tier)

  • Caustic has a similar playstyle to Watson, but his ultimate has potential in the late game.
  • Caustic is great at slowing down fights and surviving in small buildings, but is vulnerable to grenades.

TGM Wattson (B-Tier)

  • She can set up well if given the chance.
  • Good Watson players can easily slow down enemy pushes.
  • Buffs she has received over time have made her a good team player.
  • Committing to Watson's playstyle will make you do fine.
  • She also has a small hitbox which is beneficial.

TGM Mirage (B-Tier)

  • Mirage's buffs are heading in a great direction.
  • The teammate cloaking after a revive is useful for clutch mid-fight resurrections.
  • The new Bamboozle tracking is powerful for 1v1s.
  • Mirage's bamboozles can be confusing for team play in ranked.
  • Mirage's skirmisher pack limits his potential

TGM Vantage (C-Tier)

  • Vantage's ultimate is fun but not very impactful compared to other legends like Rampart
  • Her tactical ability is useful for closing gaps with teammates but not great for quick escapes under pressure
  • Her passive ability of scanning enemies' armor and teammates is hardly noticeable and doesn't provide a significant advantage in combat

TGM Fuse (C-Tier)

  • Fuse has potential in ranked
  • He is good at applying pressure on defensive teams
  • His abilities are situational
  • He lacks team-based abilities

TGM Ash (C-Tier)

  • Her abilities are feeling lackluster this season.
  • The new Recon scan is better than her passive ability.
  • Pathfinder and Wraith's ultimate have been buffed, making Ash's ultimate feel weaker.
  • Her Tactical ability has its uses, and the new assault perk is nice, but not enough to make her a strong legend.

TGM Revenant (D-Tier)

  • His ultimate ability has been nerfed to the point of being almost useless.
  • Using his ultimate is a risk due to the short duration and low health of players when returning to the totem.
  • Revenant's passive ability is fun but not very useful in competitive play.
  • His tactical ability can be useful in some situations.
  • Revenant's kit needs attention if he is to become a meta legend.

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