Congrats to TSM for winning the ALGS in London this year 🎉. Here are a couple of highlights.

The big rotation allowing them to take control over the north east circle after mopping up LG, who were engaged in a fight.

playapex - TSM Rotation
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The final battle between the Europeans (ASCEND) and the Americans (TSM) who were both on match point, Ascend on 2nd and TSM 3rd. TSM won the final fight clean AF 🔥.

playapex - TSM Victory
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Imperial Hall

I still got it, we still go it. We never left and it means a lot, we appreciate all you guys support and we always come here to play our best just for you guys. Even appreciate the haters, whoever roots for NRG 😂
playapex - Imperial Hall ″CEO CEO CEO CEO″
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It just feels amazing and its been 3 years since we did it and its about time honestly. We put in so much work with Raven, he helped us out so much we swapped out so many different things, we still kept the core and its still worked out.
playapex - Reps Interview
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Verhulst ''BIG E''

There aren't enough words for all the support you guys give us, you guys are the best fanbase we could possible ask for, you're the best!
playapex - Verhulst
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Raven the coach of TSM

Definitely a super emotional moment for me. I have been grinding for 3 years straight and I had a lot people doubt and I stuck through it and appreciate all the people supporting me and who had my back, shoutout to all my boys who gave me a chance and listening to me ♥

All it takes is a good team!

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