Fortnite is currently one of the most popular battle royale games, that's why we have put together a top 3 for the best discords in Fortnite:

The Official Fortnite Discord Server

  1. Official Fortnite Server 🌐Global

Nothing can beat the official Fortnite discord server right? Over 840k members, you're sure to find a game quickly with that many players around.

When you are looking for games (LFG), be sure to select your role in order to        unlock the necessary channels:

Official Fortnite Discord. 8 June 2022

2. 🌐Global

Our first mention was all about quantity, now lets talk quality. This Fortnite Discord uses an algorithm that matches you with the right Fortnite teammate. Whether you are looking to play FNCS, Arena, SaveTheWorld, ZeroBuilds, the algorithm will only match you with people you are actually looking for.

G2 Atlantis

3. G2 Atlantis: EU /  NA

G2 Esports is one of the most successful esports organizations, that's why they are here. Maybe not so much for their performance, but entertainment. This Fortnite Scrim discord has over 250k members, in order for you to start looking for games you'll need to go through Ynite's verification process. A great place for you to find games if you already have some teammates.

Yunite Fortnite Verification for G2 Scrims EU
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