We wanted to reward players who are actively searching for their ideal teammates on TEAMS.gg - so we created the Boost feature.

😰..Phew, he had me going there.

ANYWAY… We’ve made it easier for you to highlight your profile and increase the odds of other players spotting you out. Our new Boost feature lives on your Dashboard, and all you have to do is click the button to reap the benefits!

It’ll help you in two ways:
👀 Make you appear higher up in other players' Discover tabs
🔥  Generate a level icon on your profile so other players notice you’ve been   recently active

⬆ Level up

We’ve added a level system which will highlight on your profile and make you stand out above the rest.

You achieve the higher levels by going on a streak - after a certain period of time, you can click the boost button again so other players will get to see how active you’ve been. The higher the level > the more you stand out!

🕐 But be careful, it’s set on a timer! - if you forget to boost, your level will reset back to zero.

Time to start smashing that button 💪

This is our second experimental feature we’ve added to TEAMS.gg. None of these numbers are set in stone and we’re open minded to what you’d all like to see! - So let us know what you think in Discord, the feedback button on TEAMS or our socials! Enjoy<3