Today we’re introducing a feature that has been requested many times over the past months. You can now chat to potential teammates on TEAMS ^^ - it’s a great way to break the ice and get playing quicker.

We built this to make things easier for you. No more waiting around for people to accept you via Steam or Discord, you can just message them through the site and off you go.

Also, if you’re looking for a duo or a potential fifth for the evening, you can now use chat to message your connections and see if they’re around.

Remember - everyone on TEAMS is on the site for the same reason, to find other people to play with (because f**k soloQ 😅). So, don't be afraid to message first!

Once a connection is made - you’ll be able to chat with that player under the Connections tab. Chat now lives on the right hand side of their profile when you select a player (or at the chat icon in the action bar at the bottom of smaller screens)

We don’t want you to miss anything, so we’ll notify you when you have unread messages:

🔔 in the Notifications panel (top left)
💬 via Browser Notifications (so keep them turned on!)

Or if you miss these…

📧 An email 24 hours after the message was sent

We also want to help fight toxicity - so if anyone is disrespectful or just being an ass you can report them to us. To verify these reports and keep us all safe we’ll take a look at the chat logs and take appropriate action 💪

You can read more about how to report players here:

To save you from scammers or any untrustworthy links, we don't allow URLs in chat. We also added a hate speech filter to help you avoid such language / people.

Just so you know, we’ll never use this chat system to ask for information such as passwords or other sensitive details. If anyone is impersonating a TEAMS staff member or asking for this kind of information, let us know in Discord or report them via the site!

Any feedback on chat or the site in general - again, pop into our Discord and let us know what you think ^^