Commendations is a feature that will let you praise your connections and highlight their positive aspects to other players. This will help determine who on the Discover page is helpful, friendly, or just straight-up skillful!

🙌 And of course… other players can praise you too.

We'll give you the choice of commendations:

Sheeesh - our VALORANT commendations

🎮 The different options depend on which game you play, and yes these are the real options.

You can leave up to 3 per person … but be careful! Once you’ve selected and clicked ‘Commend’, there are no takebacks, and you can’t change your choices afterwards.

👀 When you commend someone, we’ll notify them through the chat, letting them know what you’ve said!

What a legend, might commend him back... might not

⭐ We'll then display these high praises on your profile. Each one adding a Star next to your praise ~ so other players get to see how cool you are.

And as you can see ~ I'm super cool

We’re gonna keep throwing out these experimental features, and we’re eager to hear what you think! Pop into our Discord or say hello on our Socials. And let us know what you’d like to see next 😉

Reporting - Helping you avoid toxicity
Today we added reporting to Now you can help us make TEAMS a safe and enjoyable way to find teammates.