Recommended CS:GO YouTubers list in 2022:


''3kliksphilip'' is a British CS:GO Youtuber and has one of the oldest CS:GO YouTube channel, which was created on July 2009. He posts content such as; Advanced CS:GO Tutorials, entertaining CS:GO videos, as well as a comprehensive guide on how to create a CS:GO Map in Source SDK.

One of 3kliksphilip's most viewed video is where he tests whether you can receive more than 99 hits in CS:GO, the video has currently over 5 million viewers:


''NartOutHere'' is an American CS:GO Youtuber who regularly posts videos on; CS:GO Tricks, Tips, Nades, Boosts, and Strategies From Professional Counter-Strike Matches.

NartOutHere mentioned in an interview that his channel was inspired by looking for dust2 strats on YouTube and found Hatton Games. Still, unfortunately, he stopped making videos and Nart took it as a chance to start his own csgo strategies channel, so he can learn and educate others.  

NartOutHere's most viewed video is CS:GO Tricks the Pro Use, with over 80k viewers:


''TheWarOwl'' is an American CS:GO Youtuber Veteran that started his channel way back in November 2010. The War Owl regularly creates content on csgo tips, funny csgo moments, csgo esports and more.

TheWarOwl's most viewed video is his tutorial on CS:GO Pistols, with over 4 million viewers:


''NadeKing'' is a CS:GO Youtuber from New Zealand that started his YouTube Channel in December 2015.  Nadeking regurarly posts videos ranging from higly informative and educational csgo content, to funny csgo clips, or from moments from high-level clips.

One of Nadeking's most popular videos is where he showcases the hardest jumps in CS:GO. In this video he is helped by world record holder long jumping in CS:GO ''Alphatesting''. The video currently has over 4.5 million views:

ProGuides CSGO Tips, Tricks and Guides

''ProGuides CSGO Tips, Tricks and Guides'' is an American Youtube Channel that promises you to become the best in CS:GO with their ProGuides. Their range of CS:GO guides; nades, guns, csgo settings, fps settings, tips on maps and much more.

One of the most viewed video on Proguides is how to increase your winrate in CS:GO with 10 of their recommended settings, the video has currently reached over 800k viewers:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do YouTubers in CSGO have different crosshairs?
    It's easy to create a customer crosshair in CSGO, by either manually entering crosshair commands in the console or using a 3rd party website such as Alternatively, you can also download a crosshair generator map on the Steam Workshop.
  • What map do Youtubers use in CSGO parkour?
    The parkour map will vary per Youtuber, you can find parkour or CSGO surfing maps on the Steam Workshop.
  • Who is the most famous CSGO player?
How to find a CS:GO team - What is
Find players of your skill-level that communicate in your language, who are available at the same time and have the same ambitions. Say goodbye to random matchmaking.