Over the last few months, we’ve seen thousands of you connect with each other, but we’ve also seen some of you send requests and be left hanging. So, we’ve been working hard to improve this.

Today we’re upgrading notifications on TEAMS.gg by adding new ways to receive requests and making sure pending requests get answered:

  • 🤖 Discord Bot
  • 🔔 Browser Notifications
  • ✅ Pending Request Review
  • 📨 Improved Email Verification

With these changes and additions - You won’t miss requests from your perfect teammates and you’ll connect with more friends! 🥳

🤖 Discord Bot

Real footage of Dan in TEAMS.gg HQ today.

It’s alive!... and it lives in our Discord Server

To start receiving notifications from your personal team-finding assistant - all you have to do is be on the server (and have a TEAMS.gg profile with your Discord name/tag attached).

It’ll notify you when you have a new connection request or if a request you sent is accepted. You can stop it at any time by telling it to !stop.

This is V1. We plan to teach it many more things to assist you and your team. It won’t take over the world... probably.

🔔 Browser Notifications

No more needing to check your emails. If you’d like, we can now notify you via your browser so you can know straight away when someone wants to play with you.

You can turn on browser notifications now via the dashboard

Whether you’re at your PC or on the move (with an Android phone) - don’t miss out on connecting with new players.

✅ Pending Request Review

Just like holding a bombsite on your own... the feeling of being left hanging, sucks! - well, we want to remove that from TEAMS.gg.

Now, incoming requests are front and center when you revisit the site. Whether yes or no, we want to encourage everyone to make a decision.

📨 Improved Email Verification

Finally, if you still want notifications the good-ol’ way - to your email inbox, we’ve improved that too. Now, everyone must verify their email before sending a connection request.

Meaning we’ll be able to get in touch with you when a request comes in and you can be confident that requests you send are reaching other players.

Everyone wins!

With updates like this, we've been really careful to not spam you on Discord or elsewhere, but if it ever begins to feel like spam or no longer useful we want to know about it. Come tell us.

Also, if there are other things you wish the bot could do or you want notifications in other places, Let us know!