Well... It's here! No more rolling the dice, you get to choose your teammates.

We're excited to announce TEAMS.gg for Overwatch 2! The best LFG experience for you to find your ideal teammates.

We've been listening to all of you, and this has easily been the most requested & anticipated game to bring to TEAMS!

Here's what you do:
Sign up > Connect with other players > Play the game!


🦸 Hero Select

Mention what roles you play ~ Tank, Damage & Support, and highlight your favourite heroes! You can also search for the roles and heroes you like to play with.

Shoutout to you Mercy mains <3

🎮 Game Modes

From Unranked, The Arcade, Competitive & Customs; select your favourite game modes to be matched up with like-minded players who play for the same reasons as you.

Love me some Arcade

🥇 Rank

We're going to display your rank(s) & stats ~ and match you with players who are equal skill level.

We climbing the ranks

🌟 That TEAMS.gg Spark

We're data driven ~ TEAMS for Overwatch runs on a custom algorithm. This means high-quality connections, designed to put you with like-minded players who speak your language and are around at same time as you.

We've made this for all of you. We've spoken to professional players, coaches, analysts & casters to get the right balance ~ whether you're looking to climb the ladder, compete in events, or mess around in Arcade mode, we can help you.

👀 You may even be looking for a friend to play the Overwatch 2 co-op campaign for when it comes out.

And... we're all ears! What do you think of TEAMS? What was your experience like? What game do you want to see next? Come and say hi in our Discord or on our socials

GL HF <3