A couple of years ago we decided there should be a better way for players to find CS:GO teammates. So, we built TEAMS.gg.

Ever since, people have been asking us to build a version for their game and after months of work… We’re launching TEAMS.gg for Valorant.

Like lots of you, over the last year - we’ve had fun learning and competing in Valorant. We all know what it’s like to play ranked and want to help avoid toxicity. Whether you’re looking for an Immortal DuoQ partner or a 5-stack to ride out of ELO hell together, we can help.

Agent Select

Highlight your main agent (and your other favourites) - Shout out to my Sage-mains. Avoid those Jett insta-locks 🔪

Valorant-specific Roles

No matter what agent you play - Pick a role that matches your playstyle. (Looking at you Battle-Sages) 💙

Ambition & Focus

Do you want to play unrated for fun, climb the leaderboard or spend hours mastering Sova arrows for LAN? Get matched with others who want to do the same. 😎

It’s Data-Driven

TEAMS.gg for Valorant runs on a custom algorithm - It compares your profile to the rest of the community and matches you with the most suitable players.

We’ve made it for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional player looking for a team or an unranked player wanting to play some casuals, It’s specifically designed to match you with like minded people. This means high quality connections...

We reached out to players, commentators and analysts to make sure we built the best version for the Valorant community. We’ll continue to listen and as the meta evolves, TEAMS will too. 🤝

Don’t worry, CS:GO players, we still care about you. As we update and add new features - we’ll improve the TEAMS experience for every game on the platform - not just the new ones! 🤗

Have you been playing Valorant? We want to hear how it’s going. Join the Discord to chat with us. We’re really proud of our community so feel free to pop in and say hello to the regulars 😁

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working on our communication with you. We’re more active on our social media including Facebook, Twitter and our Blog page. We’ll continue to post awesome content and keep you updated on those 👍