If you're stuggling to find a team who are available at the same time, have the same ambitions (whether that's playing for fun or wanting to 'go pro') or just looking for players of your skill-level that communicate in your language and you want to say goodbye to random matchmaking...

TEAMS.gg is for you.

We know how difficult it is to find the right group of people to play with on a regular basis. We've been there. That's actually how we met. 10 years ago we were looking for our ideal teammates on forums and IRC channels. Eventually, we found each other and became friends. Years later, we decided to solve a problem close to our hearts, in a world that we're really passionate about. Team finding.

Initially, we surveyed 1000 CS players. This helped us to understand why we all want to be in a team, what's most important to us and what are the biggest frustrations when looking for teammates. With this information we were able to design and build exactly what players were looking for.

So, what makes TEAMS.gg different from other teamfinding sites?

The Algorithm. TEAMS is not just a catalogue of players and teams for anyone to browse. We have developed a way of matching individuals and groups of players together based on a few simple questions. Much like how a dating website (like Match.com or eHarmony) works.

This means higher quality matches. You, as a player, do not need to scroll through 1000s of players to find the right people to play with. Your most suitable teammates are at the top of the list!

Not only do we take into account what you're looking for (based on the answers you gave at signup) but we also consider what the players you're finding want.

This way, you can be sure that the players and teams at the top of your Discovery page are not only good for you, but you're a good teammate for them.

Another big differentiator between TEAMS and other methods of teamfinding is our connection feature. Much like LinkedIn and other social networks, before people get your contact details (like Discord, Steam and FACEIT) you both have to agree to connect.

This means that you won't be inundated with 100s of Steam or Discord friend requests from random people. When this happens - you don't know who they are, where they found you or if they are right for you. Connecting solves that. You have all the information you need to make an initial decision... Do I want to trial with this team? Do I want to play with this person?

So, what's next for TEAMS.gg?

Now we listen to you, the community. We want to hear about your experience on TEAMS.gg. Did you find great teammates? Did you not find anyone? Is there information missing that you'd find crucial in choosing who to play with? Which games should we support next?

The answers to all of these questions will help us continue to develop and build the best platform for finding players, teammates and friends in gaming.

Our goal is to keep building useful tools for players. Allowing you to find each other, connect and play for the first time is just the beginning.