We've made it easier for you to search for teammates that are actively looking to attend the CS:GO or Valorant tournament at Epic Lan 37. So, if you're new to TEAMS your first step should be to create an account here. During account creation, you will be able to immediately select that you want to play at Epic 37.

For those already with a TEAMS account, you simply head to ''edit profile'', ''events'', and select ''EPIC37'' which is featured with an image.

Once saved, you should be eligible to discover other players looking to attend EPIC Lan. So check your discovery page, connect, chat and start playing!

If you're having trouble using TEAMS or you just wanna chat and ask Blackout why he still isn't in radiant (it's a common curtsey). Join our Discord here.

Event Details:

EPIC37 is Powered by Intel

  • Location: Kettering Conference Centre (Downstairs/Arena Layout)
  • EPIC LAN Website: https://www.epiclan.co.uk/epic37
  • Start Time: 16:00 Thursday 27 October
  • End Time: 16:00 Sunday 30 October
  • BYOC* Participant Tickets:  £80
  • Spectator Tickets: £30.50 (Whole Event), £15.50 (Day Ticket)
  • EPIC LAN Discord: https://discord.gg/epiclan

Esports Touranments (Ages 16 and over):
Intel CS:GO
Starcraft 2
League of Legends
Rainbow Six Siege (18+) with UKIN Qualifier

Other Events:
Stage Content
Fun Tournaments
Big Games
Board Games Area
Community Party
Community Championship

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