This month a 37 kill game on broken moon was uploaded on YouTube, we thought something like this was impossible and could this be the most kills in Apex? This was done by player ''Lymo'' and it looks to be one of the most legit world records, as it certainly didn't look like a bot lobby to me.

Lymo is playing as Horizon and the first weapons he finds was the C.A.R. SMG and the Mastiff Shotgun which was later picked up from a dead body. Lymo demonstrates an incredibly good feel for tracking and beams pretty much everyone that comes close. The one thing I can truly appreciate is how disciplined Lymo is in terms of playstyle, he doesn't necessarily hunt for kills, if that would put him in a to dangerous situation. Which is something you'll usually see from your typical TTV Wraith trying to get a 20 bomb game, but dying instead because choosing unfavorable battles.

Anyway, watch the 37 kill game yourself and give Lymo some love for uploading this master piece 💜.

iiTzTimmy also made a decent attempt with 28 kills:

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