We’re excited to announce our new feature to TEAMS.gg - “Play Now!”
We know a lot of you out there try to find someone to play with right away. So, we created the “Play Now” feature.

How it works
🔴 Located at the top of your Discover page - click “Play Now” to go live for 30minutes

🔍 Find your ideal teammate, click Connect & Play to send a connection request

Done - it’s as easy as that!

This still uses our algorithm, so it’ll match you with ideal teammates in the Play Now section!

This is one of our experiments. We’re playing around a bit with a few new ideas and fun things for you to try out.

So please, let us know what you think! (and let us know what you want 😉) - through the feedback feature on TEAMS.gg, Discord, reddit, socials etc. We leave no rock unturned, we read everything.

Oh… And have fun! 😉