Our Play Now & Play Later features have been combined to create Play. Found on your Discover and Connections pages, you can now click Play to search for players there and then, and schedule gaming sessions.

The Ultimate Game Planner

You'll have more control over your gaming sessions ~ Simply select:

📅 When you’d like to play
🕓 The time
⏰ The duration
😏 Who you’d like to invite


We'll display an overview of your sessions scheduled and give you the flexibility to edit them ~ You can invite more connections, or leave / cancel.

😎 Clean

You’ll also be able to post your gaming session on the Discover page for other players to see. It’ll display your profile with the time and date you want to play, and give the option for other players to connect with you.

😊 You can't have too many friends!

If you're in our Discord server and it's linked to your TEAMS.gg profile ~ We'll display your sharing image to others, and let them know you're looking to play!


We're going to keep throwing out features and we're always eager to hear your thoughts! Let us know what you think in our Discord or on social, and let us know what you'd like to see next!

Play Now on TEAMS.gg - LFG / Team Finder
You can now search for teammates who wish to play now! Simply click “Play Now” on your Discover page to match up with teammates looking to play there and then.
⏰ Play Later
You can now schedule a gaming session to Play Later with your friends and connections. We’ve made it so you can let them know when you’re playing and send invites so they can join.