TEAMS is our baby. We’ve spent the last 4+ years building and growing the platform and speaking to all of you.

165,000 of you have created profiles. Thousands of connections are made each week. You’re chatting and playing. You’ve found friends. You’ve built teams. We love to see it <3

We did it off our own back for years, then had funding for a while (and grew the team) but now that funding has come to an end. We’re a small team again and we need your help to keep TEAMS alive, to keep the site running and to keep it free.

With your support, TEAMS will also get better. We want to add more features and support more of the games you’ve requested.

If you become a supporter - you’ll be a part of TEAMS, be loved by us, one of the family… but you’ll also get these perks 😀

Upgrade your profile

Standout from the crowd with a flashy profile design.

The more you support, the higher your supporter level and the more your profile gets upgraded.

Remove ads

Use the site ad-free. No more ads. No more distractions. Nothing but teammates.

Join the Supporter Discord

Have your say on new games and features, play with early prototypes, and get priority support.

Plus more perks in future!

How to support

You can subscribe monthly and work your way up the levels. Subscribe for a year to get 2 months free (and hit level 4), or you can pay what you want - to unlock any level instantly with no renewal!

Thank you to those of you who have already supported and shoutout to the supporters who have been hanging out with us in the private Discord:

Joe2512, REMEMBERED, VICT0REEAH, Turax, Caleb, Schross, Braden1996, hizen & Cintrix... You legends!

It means the world to us <3

We hope to see more of you join us there soon.

James, Stu & Tom.