It’s so satisfying when the synergy is on point with you and your teammates. It could be a clutch, a creative way of using utility or a simple bait play.

No matter the skill level - we want to share these amazing moments of teamwork with the rest of the community. We’re going to spotlight these clips each week starting with this clip of us DuoQing in Immortal. Watch my friend and I pull off a 2v6 to secure the round:

Lee “Blackout” Parsons and Johan “miRACLE” Gärtner in a 2v6 retake on Ascent.

I (Top left) pre aimed the rush and got a quick entry but now that I'd shot - I was vulnerable. miRACLE knew the opponents would try to expose that and rush me - so he covered the push and got the second kill to save my life!

Hearing the Sage Res come in, I knew I could get another free pick if I positioned correctly. Meanwhile, miRACLE assumed there could be a flanker so held our back. Boom... another 2 kills.

Now a 2v2, miRACLE uses his utility to block off angles and get info - finding Jett in A main. Getting closer to the bombsite, we knew we had to clear hell. With cover on A main, we both dropped down on the left and right at exactly the same time, creating a crossfire.

We found the Sage, took her out and knew where the last player was. miRACLE being closest, he faked the defuse and we peaked together each side of A main. He secured the final kill and we defused the bomb.

"What a round..." 😆

For the chance to be in the next TEAMPLAY. Submit your teamwork clips to [email protected] (more teammate POVs and comms the better) - We'll combine your POVs, edit and share with the rest of the community, crediting you and your teammates!

Drop into our Discord to say hi and let us know what you think - our community is growing everyday and we’d love for you to be a part of it ^^