Last month we released for Apex Legends, and it has been incredible to see many of you find your ideal duo or trio.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the warm welcome - with thousands of you signing up!

Thank you to everyone who's supported us by helping spread the word and providing us with some awesome feedback.


😳6.8k upvotes and 380 comments!

We posted on the r/apexlegends subreddit, and it took just over an hour for the post to hit #1 in the Hottest section and lasted on there for a few days. It still gives us goosebumps knowing you appreciate the hard work we’ve put into this.

The response and feedback showed us that you have an appetite for what we do, and other features you'd like to see. We're hyped and more motivated than ever in giving you the best team finding experience.

A few of our favourite comments <3


Support from the Industry

We're fortunate enough to have a lot of people believe in - this is a shoutout to some of those who put in the time, energy and good words for us <3

<3 Eric Hewitt - @GH057ayame
<3 Emily Morrow - @thepokeflute


<3 Dom Sacco - @Dom_Sacco


<3 Wisethug - @WisethugTV


Fixes & Updates

💥 'Play Now' - Easily our biggest update since the Apex release! We noticed a lot of you were searching for someone to play with right away, so we built and added an entire new feature to the site.

🐛 A few bug crushes along the way - thanks to those who reported them!

  • We’ve solved the issue with the API and pulling in the incorrect data, your correct stats and rank should now show.
  • Found and fixed a bug that will now increase the number of players found on your discovery page.
  • Our availability step during sign up had a couple of issues which have been resolved.
    - Fixed display of timezones
    - On failure to save, the correct validation error will appear and it’ll leave the hours you’ve chosen in place

👀 We hear you and we’re looking into a few things

  • Switch & Mobile - On release, we couldn’t add these platforms as an option, this is due to the fact we can’t pull the stats or ranks for players accounts. We’re looking at the best ways to approach this.
  • Playstyles - Many of you want to express how you play Apex. We’re looking at the best ways to implement this.

We read every feedback report, every message, every comment - keep it coming! Let us know how you get on via the site or by joining our Discord and keep updated via our socials!