Last week we released VALORANT on and have been overwhelmed with the support, positivity and feedback from the community. We couldn’t have asked for a better launch and are very happy to see so many of you connecting and finding teammates to play with.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed feedback and suggestions (please keep it coming), we are listening to everything and have had some great interactions on our Discord. We have released some updates (see below) and there’s more to come. What features would you like to see?

The Power of Social

We couldn’t have done it without Reddit! Our post blew up and lasted longer than 24 hours as the hottest news in r/VALORANT. Over 15000 upvotes and 500 comments - something which we still don’t quite believe. It really means a lot to us that people appreciate what we’ve been working on, we were (and still are) hyped!

A few of our favourite comments (never change Reddit <3):

Check out the Reddit post here:

We’ve created a video to highlight some of the best features on TEAMS which has peaked interest across our social media platforms:

Check out the original Twitter post here:

Between Reddit, Facebook and Twitter, we hit an all time high in concurrent users (and crashed the site a little...) which means more people for you to match with! 🥳

Fixes & Updates

  • UI changes 👀 including:
    - Moving the edit profile photo and bio so it’s more easily found
    - Hiding player cards on the discover page after sending a connection request
    - Set notification icon as ‘seen’ correctly
    - Show which RIOT account is connected to TEAMS
  • Fixed a bug that prevented connections displaying correctly on mobile (Thanks Olivier) 😄
  • Fixed a bug that prevented changing the connected RIOT account from pulling correct stats 😳
  • Improving the rate at which we query the VALORANT API so more people see better stats (thank you RIOT <3) 📈
  • Some admin improvements to help us communicate with you in Discord 😉
  • Added a watch party channel to enjoy the VCT/CS events 📺
  • Fixed a long-standing bug that would cause an error (in the background!) when you double-click 'accept connection' 😌
  • Lots of other bug smashing 💪

We now have over 3000 people in our Discord, so If you have any ideas or you’d like to be part of the party, feel free to pop in ^^