This week the top eight teams from around the world compete to decide who will claim the championship title of VALORANT Game Changers.

During the Live broadcasts on YouTube and Twitch, drops will be available for viewers. To be eligible for these drops, viewers will need to connect their VALORANT account to their YouTube and/or Twitch account, and watch the Game changers World Championship Live on drop-enabled channels during the designated time windows:

  • Watch a live game between November 15 - 19 to earn the Title: Game Changer
  • Watch a live game between November 20 to earn the 2022 Game Changers Championship card.

How to link your Riot Account to Twitch for drops?
Go to Twitch Connections and link your Riot Account there. Once setup, you're good to go, look for drop-enabled channels and enjoy the spoils.

How to link your Riot Account to YouTube for drops?

  1. Sign in to YouTube
  2. Go to your profile picture 😎 and select settings πŸ› 
  3. Go to Connected apps section
  4. Click Connect next to the partner account that you'd like to connect.
  5. Use your Riot Account to connect
Connect your Riot Account. Settings --> Connected Apps
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