Their answers inspired our design process and which criteria and attributes we use to connect you. They continue to inspire us every day to develop and so we've decided to create a series of posts that celebrate the passion and dedication of the CS and gaming community.

These are real quotes, from real players.

"I love playing with people who want to win as much I do"

Shared ambition is key. If you're the type of player whose main focus is winning, you'll want to play with other players who are equally ambitious. If you can find that group, then you'll love playing more than ever.

"I want to play CS:GO the way it was meant to be played"

Counter-Strike is inherently competitive. It was designed from day one, 20 years ago, to be played as a team. Matchmaking is great at quickly introducing new players to the game, but it doesn't foster great teamwork.

Playing with good communication and strategy. Learning and improving together. (No matter your skill level.) That's how CS is meant to be played.

"So I don't end up a PUG hero. (A.K.A... All aim, no brain)"

Being a great CS player requires more than individual skill. (Not just great movement and aim.) When playing solo-queue alongside randoms you have little chance to practice what it's like to work closely with other players. Whether it's holding mid together or executing onto a site. Playing regularly with friends will increase your overall skill.

"It's more fun winning (and losing) together"

Winning isn't everything, but CS can be frustrating if you're not playing with people you trust. 20 years on, CS is still breaking concurrent player records and a vast majority of us play CS because it's fun to compete.

"It means not having sh**ty trolling teammates"

We've all been there. You get matched with that one player who doesn't listen (or doesn't use sound at all!?). They never eco. They team-flash. They're always the last one alive because they were lurking (camping) the entire round instead of helping.

There's nothing worse than wasting the little CS time we have, playing with people not taking the game seriously. Connecting with likeminded players means not having to deal with trolls like that again.

I think, as players, we can relate to a lot of these quotes. This is just a few examples of the players we're trying to help by creating We'll be looking at a lot more over the coming weeks.

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