Connecting with Players

How to Connect

While viewing a listing you can choose to connect by clicking the ‘Connect’ button in the action bar at the bottom right of the page. The connection will be pending until the other party accepts the request.

Existing Connections

The main ‘Connected’ section of the ‘Connections’ page consists of a list of existing connections.

New Connections

You can quickly see any new connections by clicking the notification bell in the navigation bar. All new connections are added to your ‘Connections’ list.

Steam Profile and Add to Steam

From the ‘Connections’ list, click the steam buttons on the right to visit a player’s Steam profile or, if it is possible, add right away and begin playing.

Pending Connections - Sent

The second tab on the ‘Connections’ page consists of pending connection requests sent by you.

How to Cancel a Request you sent

If you have changed your mind and no longer want to request to connect with a player or group, you can cancel the request by visiting their listing from the ‘Pending’ list on the ‘Connections’ page and clicking ‘Cancel Request’ in the action bar at the bottom.

Pending Connections - Received

Notifications Panel

You can access the notifications panel from the bell icon in the top left of the navigation bar. This will house a list of new incoming connection requests. Click a request to see their listing in more detail.

Player / Group Cards

On the ‘Discover’ page, if a card has a pink bell icon in the top left, this player or group has requested to connect with you.

Accepting or Declining Requests

To accept or decline an incoming request, navigate to the player or group’s listing and choose ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ in the action bar in the bottom right.