What do i do if i can’t see anyone on my Discover page?

How TEAMS.gg Works

Our algorithm will match you with other players, but it’s designed to be specific. This means:

  • You’ll get high quality connections
  • You won’t see all of the players who have signed up to our site, a lot will be ‘filtered’ out
  • Even if you aren’t filtering many players out, other players may be filtering you out (depending on your profile and their preferences)

How to reduce the amount of players being filtered out and increase the amount of players in the Discover page:

Go to “Edit Your Profile” and change some of the following options:

  • Teammate Location: We’ve added buttons to help you add more locations, click on the far right button to add every location in your region
  • Age Range: Expand the age range, if you’re only searching for 17-18 year olds, it’ll filter out almost everyone else out on the site
  • Teammate Skill: Similar to age range, expanding the skill critera will widen your search. It’s also important to remember; depending on the game you’re playing, there could be more than one way we match players via skill, E.g. Faceit or TRN Power Ranking
  • Avaliability: Make sure your days & hours are set correctly. You’ll only see people who are available when you are.
  • Teammate Roles: You can choose to increase the number of roles you’re searching for, increasing the chances of you matching with someone else

VALORANT Specific:

  • Teammate Agents: Try setting this option to “no” or adding more agents to your search

Fortnite & Apex Specific:

  • Teammate Platform & Input: Make sure you only want to find people on certain platforms or using certain controls. If this doesn’t matter to you - you’ll likely match with more people.
  • Hardware / Mic: If you want to talk on mic, make sure this setting is turned on. Otherwise we’ll match you only with others who don’t want to talk. This could significantly reduce the number of players you find.

Rocket League Specific:

  • Region: Make sure you select as many regions as you play, because we'll filter anyone out who doesn't select the same regions.

Check your Settings Page

Other players may be filtering you out, you should double-check some of the following settings and make sure they’re correct:

  • Date of Birth: This option sets your age
  • Location: Sets the region you’re playing in
  • Languages: Make sure to include all the languages you’re willing to speak in-game.

Not many players are accepting my connection request or won’t reply

If you’ve added someone, we’ll notify the player and let them know they have a connection request, but there may be a few reasons someone chooses not to accept you or won’t reply to your first message:

  • Your profile pic or Bio: First impressions count. Make sure the image you upload (or use on steam) and the words you write in your bio don’t give the wrong impression about you. We recommend putting some effort into your bio.
  • First message: Meeting new people can be intimidating, so be as approachable and friendly as possible. Make ‘breaking-the-ice’ enjoyable for both of you.
  • Remember, if someone has already found a team or a group to play with, they may not be accepting new requests.