How to Create your Profile

Profile creation is split into multiple simple steps. The information you give will allow other players to know if you are right for them.

Your Details - Tell us about you

These details will be used by the Teams algorithm to find the most suitable teammates. Later, we will translate your information into an easy-to-digest profile for other users to discover.

What are you known as? Your gaming alias.
If your game is multi-platform, select which platform you play on.
Input & Mic
Depending on platform, select which controls you use and if you talk over microphone.
Select Primary and Secondary roles that describe how you play or how you fit into your team.
Game Modes
If your game has multiple modes. Select which modes you want to play.
What rank are you in Competitive modes like Matchmaking or Arenas? (Depending on game, we may pull this automatically)
Third-Party Stats
(e.g. FACEIT, ESEA) Depending on game, you can connect other profiles to display ranks and stats.
Character Select
Choose the Agents / Operators / Legends / Heroes that you prefer to play.
Discord Username
Enter your Discord username so players can communicate with you. Include #
Group Profile
If you are searching with other players. Tell us about them.
Team Name
What are you and your team known as?
Which days and at what times are you available to play?
How many of your available hours and days can you commit to playing?
When with your team, what do you prefer to focus on?
From Casual and Matchmaking to Tournaments and LAN. What type of matches have you experienced?
Ideally, what type of matches do you want to play?
Show your face or show your personality.
Why you? This is your elevator pitch. Let your personality do the talking.

Your Criteria - What you’re looking for

Tell us what you are looking for. Your criteria will influence which players or groups are ranked higher in your list of potential teammates.

Group Size
Individuals, 2, 3, 4 and/or 5. What size groups are you looking to find?
Age Range
Choose a range of ages that you’d like to play with.
If female, you can choose to find other women to build a female-only team.
Which platforms should your teammates be playing on?
Which controls should your teammates be using?
What in-game roles are you looking for?
Does location of your teammates matter? Do you want to LAN locally?
Rank / Skill
What rank or skill level should your ideal teammates be?

Connecting with Steam, Riot Games or Epic Games

At the end of the sign up process you will be required to connect your Steam, Riot Games or Epic Games account to This allows us to display some useful game data for each player. Also, when we connect you with other players we can be sure that all players are legitimate and the correct account details are swapped.

Steam Stats not showing on your profile?

If there are no CS:GO stats on your profile it is because we couldn't pull your stats from Steam.

This could be for a couple of reasons:

Your Steam Profile (Game details) are private.
There was a problem with the Steam API (It can be a little moody some times).

To make your Steam Stats Public:

Goto Profile Privacy Settings Page.

Set 'My Profile' to 'Public'

Set 'Game Details' to 'Public'

Go back to TEAMS and make a small edit on your profile (e.g. bio)

Saving a small edit should refresh your profile and pull in your stats.

If they still don't appear while your profile is public, then Steam hasn't given us the data yet. (Try making a small edit to your profile anyway, to ping Steam) We will keep trying.