Access the settings page by clicking the cog in the top right of the navigation bar and clicking ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu.

How to Update Personal Information

From the ‘Settings’ page you can update your email address, date of birth, gender, location and language/s. Make sure to click ‘Save’ to complete your changes.

How to Change Password

From the ‘Settings’ page you can change your password. To do so, you must enter your existing password, your new password and confirm your new password. Your password must be 8 Characters.

Email Notifications

From the ‘Settings’ page you can choose what type of email notifications you would like to recieve. We send you emails when useful or interesting events happen on This includes incoming and accepted connection requests, Profile expiry alerts or if a new user signs up who is the perfect teammate for you.

You can choose to disable one or all of the notifications using the switches on the right hand side.

Email Marketing

From the ‘Settings’ page you can choose if you’d like to receive marketing emails from us. We will send you emails when there are interesting updates to the site or if we have any big announcements. We will not spam you.

You can choose to disable marketing emails from us using the switch on the right hand side.

Remove Account

If you want to leave for good and remove your account, you can do so by clicking ‘Remove Account’ on the ‘Settings’ page. If you do this all your data will be deleted from our servers and your account cannot be retrieved.