Welcome to TEAMS

What is TEAMS.gg?

TEAMS.gg is a place for players to find like-minded and suitable teammates. To help achieve this, we ask all new users for information about themselves and what type of players they are looking to play with. Using this data, our algorithm compares each new user against every other user and ranks them. This gives every player on TEAMS.gg the best chance to find their ideal teammates.

How to Use Teams

Create a Profile

Create an account and tell us about you. We will translate your information into an easy-to-digest profile for other TEAMS.gg users to browse. Tell us what you are looking for. Your criteria will influence which players or groups are ranked higher in your list of potential teammates.

Discover Players

Browse the Discover page to find players who closely match your criteria and who are looking for players like you. Click the player or group cards to display more detailed information.

Connect with Potential Teammates

If you think a player or group are a good match and you’d like to connect and play with them, you can do so by sending them a connection request. To avoid spam and time-wasting, both sides must accept the connection before contact details are swapped.