Your Listing

You can view your listing at any time by clicking the cog on the right side of the navigation bar and selecting ‘Your Listing’ from the drop-down menu.

Listing Preview

On the listing panel to the right of the ‘Your Listing’ page you can see how your information is presented to other users. Every player or group is presented in the same way. Other users will be able to compare their information against yours in their Discover tab.

Listing Details

Current status of your listing - Live, Disabled (by you) or Expired.
Listed - Date/Time
The date and time when you created your listing.
Time Since Last Edit
Time since you last edited your listing.
Connections Made
How many players or groups you have connected with.

How to Edit your Listing and/or Criteria

To edit a part of your listing or change your criteria, head to the ‘Your Listing’ page and choose the part you’d like to change in the ‘Edit your listing’ or ‘Edit your criteria’ sections. You will be taken to a familiar edit screen that resembles the sign up process. Once you have made your changes, click ‘Save’ to be taken back to the ‘Your Listing’ page.

To avoid abuse of the system and so that each and every user can be confident in the information they are seeing.

How to Extend your Listing

Listings on expire if you have not visted the site for 28 days so that you can be sure the players you discover are still actively searching for players like you. If your listing is due to expire we will send you an email. If you are still searching for teammates you can choose to extend it by visiting the website, this will reset the expiry timer to 28 days.

How to Disable / Re-enable your Listing

If we have done our jobs well enough, you should find your ideal teammates and be busy playing with them in no time! If this is the case and you are no longer searching for teammates, you can disable your listing by clicking the ‘Disable Listing’ button on the ‘Your Listing’ page.

You will no longer be able to discover new teammates and you will not be visible in other player’s Discover tab. You will still be able to see the players that you have connected with via the Connections tab and your connections will be able to see you on theirs. You can re-enable your listing at any time by heading back to the ‘Your Listing’ page and clicking ‘Re-enable Listing’.