"It is fun to play with people who can become your friends, standing through good and rough times together."

The relationships you build while playing together expand far outside of CS:GO servers. If you're playing with the same people regularly you bond, you laugh and you become friends. Once in a blue moon you may run into a player in Matchmaking that you want to add as a friend. We want to speed up that process.

"I want to be on a stage one day. Working together with a team and having people watch me play. It's a childhood dream of mine."

We like players with big ambitions. If you're one of them you're going to want to make sure you're playing with people who feel the same way. To play at the top of your game you will need a team of players alongside you who are dedicated, committed and willing to go the distance.⁠ That way you have a better chance of making it onto a stage together!

"Because playing alone is boring and I can improve more."

Single-player gamers gasp at the thought of being bored while playing alone (Believe me, they told us so when we posted this one!) - But in the world of competitive games like CS:GO and many other games that were designed to be played as a team, playing alone is not fun.

"Playing in a competitive team is what made me fall in love with gaming in the first place. The drive to win and beat other practiced teams was something that I found addictive and didn't want to stop until I was the very best."

I love this quote. For me, it encapsulates the true meaning of competitive gaming.

The passion and drive it takes to win continuously should not be underestimated. When you're coming up against other teams and the work and training you have put in leads to victory it can get super addictive!

Falling in love with the process of improving, means you won't stop until you and your team are the best.

Whether you find playing alone boring and you're in it to make friends or you've always dreamed of being the best, playing on stage and addicted to competing. There are other players out there that feel exactly the same way you do... they're your rank... oh and they want to play on exactly the same evenings as you too :D

As always, we love to hear from you. Why do you want to play in a team?