Back in April, Riot launched the first Premier Open Beta. Now they're back with the next test stage, Ignition, and it starts July 11th!

Premier is a way to experience a new type of competition. Forget playing comp with randoms... find your team, play in a competitive league and qualify for a playoff tournament to be crowned champions of your Division.

Premier Ignition takes place in three stages, and it starts - TOMORROW!

  1. Enrollment: Jul 11 - Jul 20
  2. Weekly Matches: Jul 20 - Aug 12
  3. Playoff Tournament: Aug 13

What's new in Ignition?

Lots of you were trying to build a team after enrollment last time around. Now, Riot have improved the team creation and enrollment experience (making it clearer when enrollment ends...) and the enrollment period has been extended from four days to 1-week. Don't miss out!

Queue schedules are now tailored to each Zone. No more sneaking out of school or work to play matches that were scheduled too early. 😂

Tournament brackets will now update progress in real-time, giving you a clear overview of what's happening in other matches.

Also, there's improved SMS Verification and better matchmaking for those lower divisions where there were fewer teams competing at one time.

Win your division and you get a brand new gun buddy and title! (and get a player card for playing at least one match.)

With Ignition, your Team, match history, and Premier MMR will carry over to the first full stage of Premier that kicks off with Episode Seven, Act Two in August.

Who can compete in Premier?

As long as you have a VALORANT account in good standing and you complete the 3 requirements below - you can take part in Premier.

  1. Confirm your identity with SMS verification.
  2. Complete a Ranked Placement (during any act ever)
  3. Find a team...


To compete in Premier, a team needs 5-7 players. You can form your own or join an existing one. So, start thinking about who you'll play with.

Don't have enough players to team up with? No worries! You can find others who want to compete in Premier on

👆 Click to Find your VALORANT Premier team 👆

If you already have a TEAMS profile, tell everyone you're searching for a Premier team by heading to the 'Events' page and adding 'Premier Ignition' to your profile.

If you're new to TEAMS, go to to create your VALORANT profile and match with other players like you.

Once your roster is set your team owner can enroll the team and select your zone. Your zone determines which servers you play on and when matches will be scheduled.

Your team will be seeded into one of 20 divisions based on the average MMR of your top 5 players. Now... You're ready to compete!

Weekly Matches

Each week you'll play up to 2 matches. View the schedule, map rotation and queue for your next match from the Team Hub.

Each match earns points towards your Premier Score. (More for winning, none if you don't play!)

Your Premier Score determines if you qualify for the Playoff Tournament.

Playoff Tournament

On the last day of the beta. If you've fought hard enough and your Premier score is high enough you'll make it to the tournament phase for your Division. GZ.

Each match uses a map pick and ban system (similar to pro play)

If you win all your matches you'll be crowned champions and get a unique gun buddy and title!

The Full Launch of VALORANT Premier

Ignition is the second test of Premier ('July Phase' below). The full launch is planned for August 2023, just after VCT Champions and running for the whole of Episode Seven, Act Two.

What are you waiting for? Get your team together and get practising.

For more detailed information, head to Riot's FAQ