Firstly, Thank You.

The positive reaction from the CS:GO community has blown us away. Thousands of you are now searching for teammates, connecting with each other and playing. We’ve already heard stories from players who have found like-minded people and are playing on a regular basis. That makes us feel warm inside.

We’ve been listening and chatting to a lot of you on Reddit, Twitter and Discord. Learning how you use the site and how we can keep improving your experience of finding a team. This has been hugely valuable and we’ve already made some changes to the site based on your feedback.

Fixes & Updates

  • Improved Age matching - You will now not see people far outside your age range.
  • Improved Skill matching - You will no longer match with people who are far outside your skill range.
  • Improved Focus matching - You are more likely to match with people who want to focus on the same thing as you.
  • Improved how some locations are categorised - Hawaii is now in the US!
  • Fixed an issue where changes to Age were not saving.
  • Fixed Ambition not showing correctly and not being compared properly.
  • You can now refresh your Steam and Faceit stats (If you go up a level or make your stats public) - You can find this on the ‘Edit Your Listing’ page.
  • Redesigned the listing header - Info is easier to read and you can see exactly what location a player is in (not just a flag)
  • Fixed a bug when choosing a region - e.g. Europe, United States etc did not include all locations in that region.
  • Fixed categorisation of some countries that play on EU servers but were not entirely part of europe - e.g. Turkey will now show up for europeans and vice-versa.

We are listening and will continue to release more fixes and features so please keep the feedback coming!

We thrive on your stories and critique. Our aim is to make a site that is useful for every player and is a pleasure to use. We’ve made a great start but there is still more to do.