Today marks the start of a new chapter for Not only have we just released the biggest update since launch but now our whole team is working on it full time! We’re going all in 🥳

One of our 'hack weekends' from our makeshift office (+ Dan's hologram live from Munich)

This update has been months in the making and has seen us overhaul and add 200,000+ lines of code that will upgrade your experience and make the most effective team-finder there is.

The Matching Engine is now more powerful. You'll see more accurate matches, it can handle comparing far more players and you'll be more likely to find the right team.

Your Dashboard is your new home on Quickly see when you have requests waiting for you, read the latest updates and easily switch between games (more info on that to come 😉). Expect more useful panels to pop up here as we add new features!

The Signup process has had multiple upgrades so that new players can effortlessly input information, navigate between steps and better understand each question.

You'll see Interface Upgrades across the entire site. From improving how roles are displayed (so that you can quickly see a team's composition) to more effectively showing how you compare with other players.

Plus... 100's of smaller quality-of-life fixes (such as allowing players from Greenland to see a flag for their country... 🤦)

Also, we've upgraded a ton of code behind-the-scenes so that we can now add new features quicker than ever. We've been hearing your feedback and here's a taster of what's to come:

  • Improved Notifications in more places (No more unanswered requests!)
  • Better ways to communicate with each other (We’ll help you “Break the ice” 🧊🪓)
  • We’ll make sure you only match with active players
  • And many other features requested by you.

Over recent months we've been heads down, working away behind the scenes and not doing nearly enough talking with you all. That's changing, starting now. Expect more blog posts, communication on social and, with us all being full time, a steady flow of site updates!

We're listening... so jump into the Discord to let us know what you think of the changes and what you'd like to see us build next.