Looking for a Group of teammates to party up with in Apex Legends? While there is of course nothing wrong with jumping into King's Canyon solo queue to improve your skills. The game at higher ranks can become quite challenging.

Going solo is often a risky move, as you don't know if someone will have a mic or not, will that person be friendly, communicate properly, does he even speak your language? or is just outright toxic? These factors will ultimately affect your RP, instead, players should team up with players that match their abilities, and language, have a mic, and have matching or similar ambitions.

TEAMS.gg is our algorithmic LFG solution that matches Apex players based on their; availability, commitment, skill, focus, ambition, language, and location. Since our launch,  many Apex players have been using it as a quick and easy way to offset the often poor quality of teammates that you find in matchmaking.

TEAMS.gg - Apex Legends Team Finder

The traditional methods still exist such as the Apex LFG Reddit, which is a forum type of LFG, where players make rather random posts that they are looking for some teammates and often key information is left out or forgotten. Which makes it harder to find the right teammate, granted that your post even gets some attention.

Another method is to jump into an Apex LFG Discord server which has been largely covered by dotesports in this article: Here are the best Apex Legends LFG Discord servers in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What does LFG mean in Apex Legends?
LFG means ''Looking For Group'' in Apex Legends. Alternatively, LFG may refer to ''Looking For Game'' or ''Lets F*cking Go''.

What does LFM mean in Apex Legends?
LFM means ''Looking For More'' or ''Looking For Members'', and is usually used to let other players know that a group is looking for one or more members to join theirs.