The latest update to Apex Legends, the "Revelry" patch, has arrived, and it's bringing plenty of exciting changes to the popular battle royale game. From new content to gameplay tweaks, this patch is sure to keep players engaged and excited.

Note: The new Legend classes will be added asap to

Apex Legends Revelry Gameplay Trailer:

So what are the biggest changes in the Revelry patch?

Remastered Legend Classes

There are 5 classes now in Apex Legends:

Assault Legends - Combat Utility & Initiation

Currently the Assault Legends are Bangalore, Revenant, Fuse, Ash and Mad Maggie:

When using any assault class legend you'll be able to:

  • Carry more ammo per ammo stack
  • Light, Heavy and Energy ammo can stack one extra
  • Shotgun & Sniper Ammo has a reduced extra stack

Access to the red bins secret compartment:

  • Contains 4 "smart loot" attachments for you or your team's current loadout
  • One loot slot is reserved for optics
  • Chances for a magazine & hop ups are lower than for other gear
  • If the secret compartment is opened while no one on your team has a weapon, a weapon will drop with 2 attachments for it
  • Min Tier for all attachments is RARE
  • You can find the red bins on your map, or see them in your proximity from the mini-map.

Skirmisher Legends - Combat Mobility & Escape

Currently the Skirmisher Legends are Wraith, Valkyrie, Octane, Horizon, Mirage, Pathfinder:

Skirmisher Perks:

  • Can spot incoming Care Packages to see the highest value contents in them
  • Care Packages are revealed by looking at them for a few seconds
  • They can be spotted in the air as they fall OR
  • At their landing location, if within range
  • Can also see when the item has been taken by another team (turns grey)
  • Can ping map icons or in-world icons for team

Recon - Enemy Intel & Tracking

Currently the Recon Legends are Bloodhound, Crypto, Seer, Vantage:


  • Can Use Modified Survey Beacons:
  • Reveal all enemy positions on the Map/Mini-Map for 30s (Basically UAV for the COD player 😉)

Important to know: Enemies in pulse range are alerted to beacon use

Controller - Area Setup & Control

Currently the Controller Legends are Caustic, Wattson, Rampart, Catalyst:


  • Use Ring Consoles to find the next Ring Location

Support - Team Survival & Supply

Currently the Support Legends are Lifeline, Loba, Gibraltar, Newcastle:


  • Craft ally banners (even if expired)
  • Current Cost = 30 Crafting Materials
  • Banner can be recovered from the Crafter once crafting is complete
  • A crafted Banner will contain all recoverable teammate

Access Secret Compartments on Blue Bins

  • Compartment has increased chance for large health kits (Shield Batteries and Med Kits)
  • Compartments has unique Survival Item logic
  • Increased % of Heat Shields when outside the ring
  • Increased % of Mobile Respawn Beacon if carrying a teammate banner.
  • This logic has an internal limit (cannot be repeated) and will not trigger if already carrying the item.

Now that you know the changes, and you've probably already played some. What do you think is an absolutely essential class to have in your squad?

New weapon: Nemesis

Lets take a look at the Nemesis without attachment:


Now with the best attachments:


In both cases, they have the potential to slay a red shield opponent with just 3 bursts. I'd say you better be using this gun on any short to medium range, because this gun is just OP right now. The one con I find with the Nemesis is that it consumes ammo like crazy.

Let me know what you think 🤔:

Changes to Legends in Revelry


  • Passive - Heartbeat Sensor
  • Audio from Seer’s passive is now more audible to enemy players
  • Activation is now delayed to match raise animation of weapon or unarmed
  • Lock-On indication will now only show on heartbeat cadence of target
  • Tactical - Focus of Attention
  • No longer shows full body scan on scanned targets
  • Ultimate: Exhibit
  • No longer reveals on initiation
  • Duration reduced from 30s to 25s
  • Cooldown increased from 120s to 180s


  • Passive - Tracker
  • White Ravens
  • Ethereal White Ravens will now occasionally spawn near Bloodhound when no enemies are around.
  • White Ravens can be interacted with or scanned to trigger them to fly towards the nearest enemy player
  • The White Raven will leave a misty trail behind for Bloodhound to follow, and will share this direction with their team on the map.
  • Using a White Raven will recover 25% Tactical / Ultimate charge
  • Scanning a White Raven will fully refund the Tactical Charge
  • Tactical - Eye of the Allfather
  • Reduced full body scan time from 3s to 1s
  • Diamond target on scanned enemy is unchanged
  • Ultimate - Beast of the Hunt
  • No longer recharges or speeds up the cooldown rate of Bloodhound’s Tactical
  • Will launch a White Raven that flies towards the nearest enemy
  • Killing an enemy while in Beast of the Hunt will also trigger a White Raven


  • Passive - Now you see me…
  • Mirage and his ally now remain cloaked after a revive for 3s
  • Weapons remain stowed while cloaked
  • Drawing your weapon will remove the cloaking effect early
  • Mirage Clones
  • Bamboozles are now only triggered by bullet fire and melee
  • Enemies who are bamboozled now receive notification on their screen
  • Bamboozle icon marker now tracks the Bamboozled player’s movement
  • Bamboozle icon marker duration increased from 2.5s to 3.5s


  • Passive - Insider Knowledge
  • Pathfinder’s passive benefits are no longer gained by scanning Survey Beacons
  • Pathfinder’s passive benefits (Ultimate charge and 10s Ultimate Cooldown reduction) are now gained by revealing Care Packages with the Skirmisher ability
  • Ultimate - Zipline Gun
200 Meters seems about the Max Zipline distance for Pathfinder
  • Max Range increased by ~60%.
  • Max Speed increased by 66%.
  • Acceleration and exit speed adjustments.
  • Targeting improvements, including updated visual and audio cues.
  • Can no longer place the end station on OOB zones.


  • Ultimate - Dimensional Rift
  • Max Portal Distance has been doubled  (~76m to 152m)
Max distance seems about 150M
  • Portal Duration reduced from 60s to 45s
  • Wraith now increases speed over time when creating longer portals


  • Tactical - Gravity Lift
  • Increased weapon spread in Gravity Lift
  • Increased vertical speed of Gravity Lift by 10%


  • Passive - Combat Revive
  • Reduced the slow penalty on Lifeline when initiating a revive
  • Ultimate - Care Package
  • Decreased the drop animation speed of Care Package from 14s to 8s
  • Increased the deployment range of Care Package

New Ranked Map Rotation

Ranked matches will now rotate through all maps in play, 24 hours per map. The maps for the first split are:

  • World's Edge
  • Storm Point
  • Broken Moon

Check here if you'd like to see the full patches notes. Otherwise in short, there is TDM, new firing range and some quality of life changes.

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