We're excited to announce TEAMS.gg for Apex Legends! - The ultimate Team Finder / Looking For Group (LFG) Community.

Teammates can make or break your gaming experience. Your random may be an absolute legend. Or… you’re stuck with the toxic one.

We’ve made a better way for you to find your ideal duo or trio and create long lasting friendships so you don’t have to deal with the toxicity anymore.

You simply: Sign up > Connect with other players > Team-up ingame

We’ve got some cool features to make sure you match with your ideal teammates.

🦸‍♂️ Legend Select

Select your favourite legends to highlight on your profile - your main and two extras, you can also edit your search criteria for specific legends. #WeLoveLifelineMains <3

🎮 Game Modes

Duo, Trio… Battle Royale, Ranked or Arena? Tailor your profile to play your most loved game modes.

🥇 Rank

We’ll be displaying your rank, ranked points, arena points and more cool stats - time to show the community what you’re made of!

💥 TEAMS.gg magic

We’ve packed in the usual goodness - our key ingredient, our bread and butter, our cherry on top. (I don’t know why they’re all food terms but there we go!); Our algorithm!

It’s data-driven - comparing you with the community and matching you with the most suitable players.

We’ve reached out to analysts, commentators, content creators, players, event organisers… Hell, even EA! To make sure we’ve created something well built for you. We hope you enjoy it!

We’ve also been busy doing community giveaways, watch-parties, updating TEAMS.gg for CS:GO, VALORANT & Fortnite. Join our Discord to keep up to date, or pop by and let us know how you’re doing!