When looking for a csgo teammate, it is important to be transparent about your skill level,  to find the right teammate or team to play with you should add your csgo stats to TEAMS.gg.  

  1. Create a TEAMS.gg account for csgo.
  2. During the registration process you will be asked what your csgo matchmaking rank is:
Select your CS:GO Matchmaking Rank

3. The next step to give people a clear idea of what you are currently playing in. Generally people who play FACEIT, ESEA or Gamersclub tend to be more competitive as opposed to people who play matchmaking. So if you are a competitve csgo player make sure to select any of these.

FACEIT, ESEA or Gamersclub

4. When playing in a team it is important to play with people of similar skill level, in this next step you'll be asked if skill matters to you and how skilled your ideal teammates should be.

Select how skilled your ideal teammates should be. Matchmaking / FACEIT 

5. Now that you have answered 95% of the questions, you are nearly there. To verify your csgo stats we ask you to login via steam in order for us to validate your matchmaking rank so that you can find your perfect csgo teammate.

Verify your csgo stats via Steam!

Thats it. Check your connections page to see if you have any matches. GL & HF.

If you have any questions or remarks about TEAMS.gg or you just need help getting matches. Feel free to come chat with us on our discord and we'll help you out. 💜

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