This is all the information you need to know about the Atlas Nemesis Showdown.

🐐 Hosted by GOATS Revived

GOATS Revived are an Overwatch PUG (Pick up Group) community. They focus on scrims & events to help players tune their skills and improve in Overwatch. they also host weekly events!

🎮 Atlas Gaming Network

GOATS have opened up the Atlas Gaming Network, a hub for a wide variety of games. So in celebration, they're doing the Atlas Nemesis Showdown ~ an Overwatch tournament with a prize pool of $1050!

Here's what you need to know:

 🖱️ Platform: PC
🌎 Region: NA
📅 Dates: The event dates are March 9-12 for the week 1 group stages (round robin bracket), and March 18-19 for week 2 (single eliminiation ~ quarter, semi & grand final).
🥇 Prize: $1050

If you're interested in participating, here's all the links you'll need!

Useful URLs

If you'd like to enter, their Discords are here:

Sign up links:


And of course, in you're in need of teammates, we can help:

We're really excited to see how this event plays out, what do you think? Let us know in discord or on our socials

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