With the recent release of Overwatch 2 ~ some of you are asking yourselves how you can improve as a player.

Some of you want to climb the ranks, and others want a better understanding of the game we love.

Luckily for you, we know a guy.

CoachKoby - Twitch
Hey! I’m Koby! I’m an Overwatch coach and caster. You’ll find me doing VOD reviews, live coaching, and making educational content with everyone from viewers to pros and streamers that you know!
Coach Koby

Coach Koby has been around since the Beta of Overwatch. He's worked with the likes of other content creators, analysts, casters and professional players to bring you the best insights.

And believe me... he freaking loves Overwatch.

Focussing around his Twitch channel, he does VOD reviews, live coaching and educational content. And has certainly helped build a positive influence within the Overwatch community.

We found a Redditor who agrees <3

Watch his stream, check out his VOD's and keep up to date on his socials ~ https://twitter.com/Coach_Koby

You can't have too much good advice.

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