Apex Legends is being played by a record number of players via the software distribution platform Steam. With the release of the new Hunted patch, player count surged to new all-time highs, with the battle royale being played by over half a million users on the 9th of August on steam alone.

3-Month Player Count, Apex Legends on Steam charts

Keep in mind that these player numbers don't cover all of the player counts in Apex Legends as player counts on Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch are excluded.

The new Season 14 of Apex Legends has brought a ton of new content to the battle royale. The developers have adjusted the fan's favorite King's Canyon map. Furthermore, Vantage has been added, the newest legend in the game.

The new content has been received positively for the most part, as it attracted a lot of fresh blood and veteran players returning to the game. Another contributing factor in the increase of players is a slight drop in the popularity of Battle Royale games like Warzone and Fortnite. After all, both player numbers in these games are declining slowly but steadily.

However, as with most updates, some of the community is dissatisfied with the current state of Apex Legends. Saying that the developer Respawn Entertainment is taking too much time to fix seemingly simple problems. One of these communities even set up a boycott ''No Apex August'', which failed completely. Rightfully so, I have personally been really enjoying the new Apex Patch with my squad mates.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who is the best Apex Legends player?
    Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen
  • Who is the best Apex Legend player in 2021?
    1. Can ''Taisheen'' Öztürk
    2. Mikkel ''Mande'' Hestbek
    3. Dan ''rpr'' Ušić
  • Who is the best Apex Legends player in 2022?
    1. Rhye ''Zer0'' Perry
    2. Rick ''Sharky'' Writh
    3. Noyan ''Genburtenx'' Ozkose
  • Where can I find good ranked teammates in Apex?
    If you're looking for teammates that have a mic, aren't toxic, match your skill, availability, etc. Then TEAMS.gg is for you.