Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been and still is one of the most popular competitive shooters on the market right now, which makes keeping track of your stats a vital part of improving your skills..

The CS:GO Stats trackers are typically third-party apps that use an API provided by the game developers to compile all of the various game statistics and data. Which are then presented to you, the gamer.

The stats shown will vary depending on which website or application you use to check yours. Nearly all cs go stat trackers will show things like your win rate, kill-to-death ratio, headshot kill percentage, and average damage per round.

The CS:GO Tracker you should be using will depend on how in-depth of a game analysis you want. Which platforms you play on like FACEIT, ESEA, Gamersclub, or just in-game matchmaking? Some of the more advanced csgo stat trackers might require payment, as they'll provide you with excellent insights that are usually done by an AI developed by the tracker owner.

CS:GO Stats Tracker overview:

CS:GO Stats gg

CS:GO Stats gg has been in the market for a very long time because it's very easy to use. The sign-up is easy, as it took me about 10 seconds to get to my csgo stats. It then has an easy-to-understand dashboard as seen below:

/ - Dashboard


Leetify is an easy to setup csgo stat tracker with both a free and paid version. The tool is used to analyze your regular matchmaking and can grab stats from your FACEIT matches. The free version will offer you all the basics and still provides a pretty solid ai analysis of your games played. However, with a paid account you can truly see why Leetify is currently the undisputed champion in very detailed game analysis.

Leetify - Dashboard

Tracker gg is very easy to use and has multiple features that it offers to csgo players. From overlapping real-time data onto your screen as you play, or to your stream when you're going live, it offers tons of different options for players.

They also have a dedicated app for iOS and Android, that provides well-presented match data, leaderboards, and a lot of information on csgo that you can check at any time. - Dashboard

TEAMS gg can be used to verify someone else his or her csgo stats when looking for example for a new teammate to complete your line-up. The site will be able to verify which rank the person is in Matchmaking, FACEIT, ESEA, and Gamersclub. Making it also a very useful tool for Teams or Clans looking for players to complete their lineup. In addition, it's easy to use simply sign-up and create a profile and the algorithm will start matching you with good teammates.

Getting started on Scope gg is a fairly easy process, you quite simply sign in using your Steam or FACEIT account. Once registered, you will be able to access your replay data and match results. also comes with a map performance tool, which gives the player a thorough breakdown of every map they have played on. It shows, how well someone performed in terms of damage and kills on specific areas of the map. In the dashboard, you'll find even more options such as; aim, grenades, clutches, and weapons. Another cool feature is their pre-match analytics, which provides you insights on playstyle, positions, weapons, and opponents' aggressive push routes. All tough, this is a paid feature. So, if you're actively looking to improve with your team or as an individual player, it might be worth it.

Upcoming CS:GO Stats Trackers:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to reset csgo stats?
    You will have to create a new steam account and add CS:GO to that account - That is the only way, you cannot reset your csgo stats.
  • How to check csgo stats?
    You can check your in-game csgo stats by heading into the game's dashboard and clicking ''watch matches and tournaments'' --> ''your matches'' and you should see some basic stats. Alternatively, you can use a paid feature from csgo stats 360 which is $0,99 per month.
  • How to show stats in csgo?
    During the game, you can see your stats by holding the default button for the scoreboard ''Tab''.
  • Is CSGO 360 stats worth it?
    It introduces a ton of new stats that have never been in the game before. You are able to see your official stats in-game, the best part about it is cheap and the stats are directly coming from csgo servers. So if you don't mind spending a dollar a month on it and you're keen on improving it's probably worth it.