When it comes to smoke grenades on the map Dust2 in CS:GO, there are a few key spots that you should be aware of. These smokes can be incredibly useful in blocking off key choke points, covering your team's advance, and one-way smokes that give you as a lurker an incredible advantage.

In order to practice your smokes on dust2 in CS:GO you need to be able to set up your own CS:GO server, setting this up only takes a couple of minutes. Read about it in our guide.

Here 8 of the best smokes spots on dust2 in 2022:

Mid to CT Spawn Smoke

Instruction: Stand behind x-box aim for the dot and left-click throw.

Smoke: Blocks off ct-spawn

Beware that CT's might be able to see you from the top of the box or on the tight right corner of CT Spawn.

left click throw smoke to block ct-spawn on dust2

One Way Smoke on Short

Instruction: Stand in the middle of the gate that is inside of the wall on short, look for the small dot on the wall, and left click-throw.

Smoke: Blocks of short, while T's are still able to peak the right edge of the smoke. (one-way smoke)

One way smoke on short, left-click throw 

Deep CT Smoke from Long

Instruction: Go crouch in the middle of that fence-looking thing, line up with the edge of the wall, stand up and, left-click throw.

Smoke: Deep Smoke in CT Spawn

From long to CT deep smoke, left-click throw

T-Spawn to long corner

Instruction: line up with the corner of the wall and jump throw

Smoke: Smokes of the CT's long, allowing for a wide peak out of doors or get pit early.

From T-Spwn to Long corner, left-click jump throw

T-Spawn to Xbox

Instruction: line yourself up with the corner in the t-spawn and use the broken piece of the edge of the roof you're looking at and left-click jump throw. This one will require some practice to get it right.

Smoke: Smoke lands on top of x-box in mid allowing you to push short without getting spotted from mid doors.

T-Spawn to top of Xbox in mid smoke, left click jump throw

Mid Doors Smoke (ez smoke)

Instruction: Make sure you silent walk to the left mid door (otherwise you'll get spammed through the wall or naded) aim above the hinge of the left door and right-click smoke.

Smoke: Allows you to jump on x-box and make a play to short without getting seen from the CT holding middle.

Smoke mid doors, right click

B Tunnels to B Door (ez smoke)

Instruction: stand next to the box in b tunnels and put your crosshair to the right of the planks above (the gif will explain this better) and left-click throw.

Smoke: Blocks vision of B doors, making it harder for CTs to get back on the site, and allowing T's to cross.

b tunnels to b door, left-click

B Tunnels Smoke

Instruction:  Get behind the pillar in b tunnels and aim for the tunnel heading into b, look for a small dot and left-click throw.

Smoke: It's a good smoke to lurk b, you can also boost yourself on the box just outside the tunnel.

From b tunnels pillar to entrance of b tunnels, left click 

We hope you find these smoke spots on dust2 useful! If you feel there are smokes on the t-side in dust2 that you would like to see added here or learn, hit us up on our discord.

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