Having your own server to practice smoke grenades in CS:GO is essential to learn some of the basic smoke line-ups, in this article you can simply follow the steps below and you'll be running your own server in a couple of minutes.

Enable the console
Launch CS:GO, go to the game settings and select ''Yes'' to enable the developer console. Use key ~ to open up the console.

Setup your own server
Open the console and enter this command: map de_dust2. To load a different Β  Β  Β  Β  CS:GO map use these map codes:

CS:GO Map Codes

Once you've decided on which map you wanna practice, you'll notice that you get pesky bots, limited by time, one smoke, etc. Use these commands in the order they are given to make your life easier, when practicing smokes:

commands for smoke practice in CS:GO (use console: ~)

To automate this process, download the smoke.cfg which uses the same commands as listed above.

Alternatively, you can create your own .cfg file by opening notepad and copying and pasting the commands in, saving it as ''smoke.cfg'' and your set!

To find you cfg location in CS:GO navigate to:

\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg

Paste the smoke.cfg file in the folder.

Alternatively, you can find your CS:GO location in Steam by right-clicking properties on CS:GO > local files and left-click browse > csgo > cfg:

Find your CS:GO Config (.cfg) Location here.

Once you're smoke.cfg file is in your cfg folder. Load up CS:GO, start a server and use ''exec smoke'' command in the console to immediately start practicing.

Use cmd: map de_dust2 & exec smoke

Frequently Asked Questions

How to enable console in csgo?
Allow Game Developer Console in your game settings.

How to open console in csgo?
Use key: ~

How to remove bots from your server?
1. mp_limitteams 1 (ensures bots don't rejoin)
2. mp_autoteambalance 0 (stops bots from auto-balancing)
3. bot_kick (kicks all the pesky bots)

How to see grenade line trajectory?
Use this command in the console: sv_grenade_trajectory 1

How to find good teammates in csgo?
People use TEAMS.gg to find a team or good teammates to complete their line-up.

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