It’s hard out there

We know the struggle. Finding players who want to play in specific tournaments can be difficult. There are loads of you out there, without a team, that want to compete in:

  • 💻 LANs
  • 💪 Open Qualifiers (e.g. VRLs or VCT Challengers)
  • 👩 Female tournaments (e.g. ESL Women’s CS:GO Circuit or VALORANT Game Changers)
  • ⛅ Seasonal events
  • 🏆 2v2 cups

Getting together with players who are interested in events like these (and are similar to you) is the hard part. Now, we’ve made it really easy.

How it works

During signup or by pressing ‘Events’ on Edit your Profile - you can search and select events you’d like to play in.

Once selected, players who also want to play in these events will be ranked higher on your Discover page and they’ll be clearly tagged with the event icon and colour on their card.

When you check out someone's profile (or they check out yours) you’ll see a new section that highlights the events they’ve selected. You can quickly see which events you both want to play in (indicated by a white tick) and any others that only one of you has selected.

You can pick up to 3 events at a time. After the sign up is closed and the event has begun, it’ll be automatically removed from your profile (so, you don’t have to worry about that part, thanks Kalleth! <3).

There are literally hundreds of tournaments out there, so we’ve chosen a special few that’ll be highlighted during the signup process and have their own colour / icon on your cards and profiles.

These will be tournaments that we feel are important to us as a community.

Today we’re kicking off by supporting Riot’s EMEA VRLs, ESEA Season 40, ESL Premiership Spring 2022, epic.LAN and more!

This is just the beginning. We’ll continue to add events like these to TEAMS as soon as they’re announced and signups are open!

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Events

There are plenty of ongoing cups and tournaments that happen each day or week. If you miss one one of these, you’ll have the opportunity to play in the next. You may even find you become a regular to these types of events.

We want to support events like this so you’ll be able to keep these on your profile over multiple weeks and find players who want to play in future ‘sessions’. We won’t remove these automatically, but you can do so in ‘Edit Your Profile’

Constantly matching you with other players who want to play in the same events means your schedule and interests are already in sync!

I’m here to help

If you’re a tournament organiser for CS:GO or VALORANT and you’d like your events on our site, get in touch with me via Events(at) - We’re not asking for anything in return.

Also, if you’re a player and you feel we’ve missed an awesome tournament that you’d like to compete in - pop into our Discord and let me (Blackout) know!