Are you looking for a group to play Fortnite with? Returning to play Zero Build? or are you a long-time lover of box fights? Whether you play Battle Royale, mess around in Creative or Save the World with friends - we can help you find your ideal duo, trio or squad.

Fortnite is the first Battle Royale we’re supporting, which means we’ve built some cool new features (and altered some existing ones) to make this right for you.

💪 Arena Divisions & Power Ranking

Arena Divisions and Power Rankings will be displayed on profiles and used to match you with the best squad… time to show off your skills.

🏆 Cups & Tournaments

Search for players who want to compete in the same tournaments as you (such as Cash Cups, Hype Cups and any future FNCS Qualifiers!)

🧱 Game Modes

We ask about Fortnite-specific game modes during signup so we can match you with players who also want to play the same modes.

🖥️ Platforms

Get matched with players on all the platforms Fortnite has to offer (that’s right console and mobile players, we care)

😎 Sharing Image

Get your own LFG card to show off across socials or in Discords.

The Algorithm

Just like we did with CS:GO & VALORANT - We’ve created a unique, data-driven algorithm for Fortnite. We’ll ask you about things that you (and the rest of the community) care about. Your answers will help us match you with the perfect duo / trio / squad.

If you want a competitive w-key warrior to climb the ranks with, or a casual friend to play Creative with, you’ll connect with those types of players.

As we built this, we spoke to players and community members to make sure we created the best Fortnite team finder for you. Thank you to those who provided feedback <3

Fortnite is the third game added to TEAMS, and we won’t stop there (In fact, the next game isn't too far away 😉). Join our Discord to keep updated, or pop by and let us know how you’re doing!

We’ve been working on our communication with you - we’re active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, our Blog page, and soon to be: Tik Tok. We’ll continue to post awesome content and keep you updated on those👍