Creating and maintaining a positive environment on TEAMS is really important to us. So, we've made it easier for you to report and avoid toxic teammates.

We're dedicated to finding you the most suitable people to play with. So, if someone is not who they say they are, we want to hear about it. For example, a misleading profile with over-exaggerated experience, commitment or ambition doesn’t benefit anybody and wastes time.

We know there are scammers out there and they're not welcome on TEAMS. If you get sent untrustworthy links from someone you met on TEAMS or they try to steal your accounts / items, please report them to us.

You can report a person from the menu at the bottom left of their profile. In the ‘Report User’ popup, you can tell us why you’re reporting them including:

  • 👨‍🏫 Profile Image
       Using an inappropriate image on their profile.
  • 😲 Name / Bio
       Using offensive language in their name and/or bio.
  • 😡 Chat Interaction
       Conversation was toxic and/or disrespectful.
  • 💳 Scam
       Sent untrustworthy links and/or tried to steal your account / items
  • 🤥 Deceiving Profile
       They were not who they said they were in their profile.

Our 'Tell us more' section allows you to be more specific and tell us exactly what happened. This will help us investigate each report.

As soon as you press ‘Send Report’ we get a notification telling us all about it. We’ll aim to react fast to weed out any culprits (really bad ones will get the ban hammer! 🔨)

Thanks for helping us make a safe and enjoyable way to find teammates <3

Any feedback on the reporting system or the site in general - feel free to pop into our Discord and drop me (Blackout) a message 😁