Valorant revealed an Official Gameplay video today of the new agent called ''Harbor'', hailing from the coast of India, this new Controller Agent commands a mix of tide and torrent to shield allies and pummel opponents.

Harbor's abilities:

High Tide (E)

Harbor can basically fire a tsunami (a wall of water) in which direction he can control by holding down the ''fire'' button and moving his crosshair. Note that this water is pure magic and moves through walls, which could make it easier for you or your teammates to make entries on bomb sites.

''EQUIP a wall of water. ''FIRE'' to send the water forward along the ground. HOLD FIRE to guide the water in the direction of your crosshair, passing through the world, spawning a wall along the water’s path. ALT FIRE while bending to stop the water early. Players hit are SLOWED.''

Cove (Q)

You can use ''fire'' to throw a shield of water at your enemies. You can also do an underhand throw with Alt fire (usually right-click).

The Water Shield (Cove) protects the player from bullets. In a clutch situation, that can be the difference between life and death.

''EQUIP a sphere of shielding water. FIRE to throw. ALT FIRE to underhand throw. Upon impacting the ground, spawn a water shield that blocks bullets.''

Cascade (C)

With cascade, the wave of water goes in the direction of Harbor's aim and passes through walls. Players will need to use Cascade again to stop the wave from going any further. Enemies that are hit by the water are slowed, while the stagnant wave acts as a visual boundary.

''EQUIP a wave of water. FIRE to send the wave rolling forward and through walls. RE-USE to stop the wave from moving further. Players hit are SLOWED.''

Reckoning (X)

Reckoning is Harbor's ultimate and is an AOE (Area of Effect) ability. It allows him to summon a geyser pool in a specific area. This geyser causes successive geyser strikes which stun enemy players. The ability is very useful in small, closed areas such as bomb sites.

''EQUIP the full power of your Artifact. FIRE to summon a geyser pool on the ground. Enemy players in the area are targeted by successive geyser strikes. Players caught within a strike are CONCUSSED.''

When will Harbor be released?

October 18, 2022.

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