As more and more of you join, the more we are able to recognise ways to improve the overall experience of the site. Thank you to all of you who have been sending feedback via Twitter, Reddit, Discord and the Feedback button.

With this feedback we've been able to fix some key issues. Some were easier than others! The 404 error eluded us for weeks. It was almost impossible to replicate consistently. It was only possible by working closely with a few select users. You're all legends, now it is solved and Tom can stop pulling his hair out!

Fixes & Updates

  • Fixed random 404 errors when editing listing. Phew.
  • FACEIT stats are now removed from your listing if you delete your FACEIT details.
  • Fixed ‘Refresh Stats’ not allowing users to refresh more than once.
  • Changed some fonts to increase legibility at small sizes.
  • Added ESEA ‘Unranked’ for users who play ESEA but are not ranked.
  • Fixed EU flag sometimes not displaying when group was European.
  • Fixed some profile images that did not display - introduced a default image.

What's next?

It's not all about bug fixing though! We are hard at work on new features too. Here's a few of the things we are working on:

  • Ability to remove connections - Much requested, coming soon!
  • Updated Notifications System - Making it clear which notifications need your attention and what actions you took.
  • Sharing - Share your listing publicly with a link or image, anywhere.
  • Support for Multiple Games - This is a big one. It needs to feel as bespoke for each game as it does for CS:GO. We've already put a lot of thought and planning into it. More info on this in 2020!

Keep the feedback coming. You can chat to us on Discord, Reddit or Twitter at any time. We love hearing from you all and we will keep working hard to make this the best it can be.