We've spent a lot of our time in the months since launch making sure that the overall experience of TEAMS is as smooth as possible. Now, with the launch behind us and initial bugs fixed we've been able to dedicate more time to making some new features a reality.

New Notifications System

We always knew notifications would be an important part of how you use the site but, at launch, we had to settle for a simplified version. (Remember, there's only 3 of us!)

Since then, we've paid close attention to how you all use the site and we've given notifications a much needed overhaul.

Incoming and Outgoing connection requests, accepted and declined.

The aim of the notifications panel is to be your first port of call when you revisit TEAMS. With these changes, this is a place where you can see clearly what needs your attention, quickly see more details about the relevant players and easily take action (whether that is accepting/declining a request or adding a new connection to Steam or Discord).

We've also made it really clear which notifications are complete and what action you took. You can still scroll through them but they won't get in the way of any new notifications that need your attention.

Do you want to tell your friends (on Steam & Discord) and followers on social that you're on the market to join a team - or that your team are looking for a new player?

Well, we want to make it easy for you to spread the word. So, we've created a public CS:GO CV / Résumé that you can tweet, post and add to your Steam username etc.

You can find your public link by clicking 'Share your Listing' in the top-right navigation menu on any page or on the 'Edit your Listing' page.

This page will look exactly like your listing inside of TEAMS. Whoever you send it to can quickly see all the key information about you as a player or team - without logging in.

We'll continue to add different ways to share your listing. We want to give you as many tools as possible to get the word out that you're looking for a team.

Other Fixes / Updates

  • Improved Commitment matching - You are more likely to match with people who are as committed as you.
  • Improved feedback when changing settings - It is now clear when your changes have been saved.
  • Fixed matchmaking ranks not displaying properly in emails.

Please keep your feedback coming. We are really happy with the progress so far, but we have loads more we want to create. Hearing from you helps us figure out what to make next.