Apex Legends is currently one of the most popular Battle Royale First Person Shooters on PC and Console. The developers of Respawn Entertainment have put in tons of little nuances, cool game mechanics, and secrets for you to explore.

If you are a predator player in Apex or an already more experienced player, you probably should be knowing all of them, so test yourself and let us know at the end how many tips & secrets you already knew about.

If you're new to the game or recently started playing again, here are 25 useful things in Apex you may not know about:

1. Β Looting: When you're looting, a raising hand πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ will show up, on the top right of the item's information. This indicates that your teammate still needs it, or could use it as an upgrade.

2. Valkyrie passive: Will mark any enemies within 250 meters whenever she is skydiving, it also will show letters on some players such as ''KL'' (Kill Leader) or ''CH'' (Champion).

3. Look over the edge: If you move towards a ledge and stop doing any type of movement towards the end, you will hang off the edge until you want to drop off. This is especially useful if you wanna peek over an edge without completely exposing yourself.

In Apex you can carefully look over an edge β›°

4. Bangalore, Revenant, Maggie, Mirage, and Octane: are all able to use their tacticals (q) while healing, aiming, or even using a sniper scope. They have one-handed abilities, which will allow you to use your other hand to do other stuff, like shooting at enemies. Here is an example of how Bangalore can use its smoke launchers while shooting:

Some Legends can use their Tacitcals while shooting. 😏 

Bonus tip: Use dynamite with Revenant's tactical ability for maximum destruction πŸ’₯.

5. Heatshields: You can revive a teammate 25% faster if you revive them insight a heatshield that insight or partially in the storm.

6. Legend Mirage: If you send out a decoy holding a grenade the decoy won't be holding a gun.

7. Legend Seer: will show a yellow cone instead of blue if there are enemies in the area on the mini-map.

8. Legend Gibraltar: can cut off Caustic's barrel gas or ultimate gas by using its bubble to isolate the gas.

9. Legend Rampart: can cut off Caustic gas by creating a perfect triangle of barricades and surrounding the gas, or stop any gas from seeping in.

10. Seer passive: If you're looking at an enemy with Seer's passive a heartbeat sound will play alongside a pulsating animation on your crosshair. The lower the enemy flesh's health the faster the heartbeat will be. The heartbeat effect stacks, if you're aiming at multiple enemies at the same time.

11. Revenant silence: Also disables Gibraltar's gun shield turning over confident Gibraltar into easy targets.

12. Legend Mirage: If Mirage's decoy receives any damage whatsoever, including Watson's fences or Caustic's gas.

13. Shotgun Mozambique & Eva-8: It's full-auto, try holding down the shoot button.

Mozambique & Eva-8 Can be used as Full-Auto ⏩

14. Seer's ultimate: You won't get detected in seer's ultimate if you're crouch walking or airborne. All though you will get scanned initially if you're within its line of sight when it's activated.

15. Opening doors: You can open doors by shooting them with; the wingman, kraber, longbow, 30-30, sentinel, and vantage's ultimate.

16. Legend Crypto: Can see the number of enemies in the area (200 meters from crypto, not the drone) by looking at the banners using his drone.

Use Crypto's drone to find out how many players are in your Area (200 meters radius) πŸ”

17. Legend Crypto: If you have a vault key you can use your drone to open it for your teammates. In addition, the drone can also be used to pick up teammates' banners, which saves time and involves far less risk.

18. Legend Octane: If for whatever reason you want to jump on Octane's pad vertically, simply walk up to it and hit melee once. This is also an effective method to prevent you from getting kicked out of the shooting range due to inactivity. (My Octane has been jumping on the same spot for a solid 2 hours now.)

Walk up to Octane's Jump Pad and press Melee once to Vertically shoot up in the air πŸš€

19. Legend Crypto: When crypto is in its drone view, it automatically reloads its weapons. Just like a gold magazine.

20. Fortified Legends: Caustic and Gibraltar have the fortified passive and take 15% less damage from gunfire, and 25% less damage from thermites, these legends also don't get slowed from gunfire.

21. Charging a Sentinel: When you have gold armor equipped, you only need one shield cell to charge a Sentinel.

22. Pathfinder's Ultimate: If you place a pathfinder's ultimate between a door and the door closes, the zipline will break. So close the door!

23. Lifeline Ultimate: If a lifeline places her ultimate package on a zipline, it will not break.

24. Legend Vantage: When using Vantage's tactical use crouch just before reaching the bat, in order to be able to shoot immediately. This should give you the ability to use Vantage's tactical for very aggressive players.

Use Vantage's Tactical with crouch in order to use it Aggressively. πŸ¦‡

25. Chill with Nessie: Just in case you ever get lonely in the firing range, grab Valkyrie and use her ultimate to blast yourself off to space and chill with your new Nessie Gang. If that doesn't work out for you, sign up to teams.gg/apex and let our algorithm help you find good teammates in apex.

Find the Nessie Family in the Firing Range πŸ‰

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